10 Best Cable Management Accessories for Your Home Office

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If managing all the cables of your computer and devices is becoming an unwelcome hassle then this post covering the best cable management accessories for your home office will help cure your headache.

Wireless connections have been around for a while now and continue to grow in popularity no doubt  because they make connectivity convenient and a create a clutter free office environment.

But unfortunately, you just can’t power some appliances and machines wirelessly. At least, we’re not yet! So, we’re still left with cords and cables as an option of connecting our machines to power outlets. 

While cords are useful, they can create a messy distraction and pose a serious trip hazard. And this calls for proper cable management using accessories.

Today, we bring you a selection of the best cable management accessories we could find, which with so many substandard products  on the market wasn’t as straightforward as you might imagine. 

The cable management accessories on this list are rated exceptionally highly and will each help you easily achieve a clutter-free office space. Be sure to check out which of the list would fit in nicely to your desk setup. 

Budget Pick

Gardner Bender Cable Mount

  • Adhesive backing can create a mount on almost any surface
  • Inexpensive

Our Pick

Tokye Cable Management Box

  • Cleans up trip hazards
  • Made from fire retardant material
  • Looks great

Also Great

Stageek Cable Raceway

  • The kit comes with 9 raceways complete with fixtures and fittings
  • Protects cables whilst looking professional

Our Pick Tokye Cable Management Box

Tokye Cable Management Box
2,617 Reviews
Tokye Cable Management Box
  • Cables Organized: Our cable organizer box is a streamlined, discreet design that hides and organizes your cables quickly. Loose wires create confusion, could get damaged and look unsightly. Solve ALL these problems at once with a Tokye cord hider box.
  • Inclusive of all the essentials for concealment and organization. Your saving pack includes 1 stylish wire box 1 Cable Sleeve, 4 Cable Clips and 6 Cable Ties. This enables you to secure and organize your cables in a complementary manner for your home.
  • Simply fill the box with the multi plug. Wrap the cords with the Cable Sleeve. With XXL sockets and a large Cable Box, Tokye cord box is compatible with long, high and wide surge protectors. It fits for most standard 6-12 outlet power strips of cables.
  • Many people like to hide their electrical wires and organize them at the same time and look for a sleek, decorative cover to provide the necessary concealment and organization. The Tokye cable hider is to keep your cables covered.

If you have a home office with a computer, then you might benefit from a product that organizes all the cables and wires laying around  the floor. A product that helps do this in style is the Tokye cable management box

Firstly, this product comprises a stylish wire box for protecting cables from possible damage.

Second, you also get a cable sleeve that comes in handy to make sure all the cables have a perfect entry into the wire box. The extras don’t  stop there either as two other crucial components: 4 cable clips and 6 cable ties are also included!

If you have a multi-plug adapter with 6 to 12 outlets, you might find this product very useful at saving space and keeping your floor clear of trip hazards. People with power surge protectors can also use this product to save space and make their working space tidy. As such, this product has unmatched usage versatility.

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Budget Pick Gardner Bender Cable Mount

Gardner Bender Cable Mount
122 Reviews
Gardner Bender Cable Mount
  • 1 inch x 1 inch
  • Accepts Cable ties 18 lb up to 75 lb tensile strength
  • FOUR-SIDED insertion design for MOUNTING FLEXIBILITY

Cable ties offer excellent cable management solutions for home office owners. But for them to work effectively, they need a base. And that’s where the last product on our list comes in: the Gardner Bender 45-MBUVB Cable Tie Mounting Base

This cable tie mounting base is 1×1-inch, and it has an adhesive back for mounting it under your work desk. It also features a screw hole at the center. As such, it offers two mounting techniques for sturdy cable management solutions.

This product has 4 cutouts for your cable ties. This means you can bind your cables together in 4 different ways. The base is also sturdy and very durable since it’s made from high-quality nylon. For efficient usage, use this base with GB cable ties.

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Also Great Stageek Cable Raceway

Stageek Cable Raceway
4,417 Reviews
Stageek Cable Raceway
  • Quick & Easy Installation: Simply peel & stick the cable raceway kit to the wall, the innovative cable management kit has a one-piece design making it easy to add or remove cables, perfect for protecting your children and pets from hanging cords
  • 9 Cable Channels(15.4”each) in Pre-cut Slim Sections: The cable management system are pre-cut into 9 sections to provide optimal installation length. Eliminate unnecessary cuts and save your time and make your DIY route plan more flexible and easier
  • Extra Strength Self Adhesive Tape or Screws: The wire raceway duct comes with upgraded stronger self -adhesive tape for easy installation, great for organizing cables of wall mounted TVs or monitors. 12 screws and 12 drywall anchors are included for optional installation
  • Slim and Sleek Design: The cord cover raceway kit is paintable to blend with any home décor, you can paint it to match the color of your wall,perfect for tidying up TV's and Computer's wires and cables,the parallel openings on both sidewalls facilitates customization

The third product on our list is the Stageek on wall cable concealer.

It works to keep cables in server rooms or data centers neat and well-organized. This works to eliminate trip hazards, to say the least, and protect all the cables from possible damages.

The product includes 9 cable cover raceways that have extra-strength, self-adhesive tapes. This makes sure that the cable management firmly sticks on the wall for impressive installation and unmatched performance. You also have the option of using screws during installation. 

The cable channels comprise PVC material for impressive durability. Using it is a total breeze: simply place all the cables in the cable channel and you’ll be all set. This cable management has parallel openings that make customization a reality. It’s a great kit that blends well with most home decors. It’s, therefore, a great investment for any home.

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Maxgoods Cable Management Sleeve

The Maxgoods is a cable management sleeve for DIYers. A high-quality neoprene material goes into the construction of this cable organizer sleeve. As such, it promises durability and unmatched performance. It’s amazing how this sleeve withstands wear and tear unlike other sleeves on the market.

Its Velcro design makes sure that you have an easy time fitting cables and video game wires in it. Also, you get 10 cable management ties for holding together all the cables in this sleeve. This helps the cables to stay together for space-saving cable management. 

If you need to create access points, you can simply do so with a pair of scissors. That’s why this product is ideal for DIYers.

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Velcro One-Wrap Cable Ties

Velcro One-Wrap Cable Ties
25,544 Reviews
Velcro One-Wrap Cable Ties
  • WIRE ORGANIZING SELF BUNDLING TIES - Cord organizer ties are simple to use, self-fastening thin ties that will contain and store cords and wires quickly and safely; Cord keepers for cables help secure large cords bulky cables with ease for a neat finish
  • WIRE AND CORD MANAGEMENT - These bundling ties are ideal fasteners for cord organization, wire management, and securing loose or extra-long cords out of the way to eliminate tripping hazards; versatile cord wrapper for cables
  • STRONG AND REUSABLE - Strong, trusted, and used by data and network centers across the globe; These fasteners can be easily reused and repositioned; Allows convenient access when arranging computer, appliances and electronic wires
  • PRE-CUT AND EASY TO USE - These pre-cut ties stay firmly in place with an easy to use slotted head; simply insert the rounded end through the hole and pull the strap tight; it firmly wraps onto itself for a secure hold

The fifth desk cable management product on our list is the VELCRO Brand ties. If you opt for this product, you get 100 ties in one package. The ties are very strong since high-quality Nylon is their backing material. With such impressive backing material, these ties have an impressive shear strength of 20 psi.

Each tie is 8 inches long and ½ inches wide. And they have slotted heads that make your work very easy. Simply insert the rounded ends through the slotted heads and pull for a tighter hold of the desktop cables together. 

Velcro Brand bundling ties are also a great investment for users with data centers. They help keep your cables together and this reduces the trip hazards in such areas. If you’re looking for excellent cord organization or wire management, these ties could help you achieve your goal.

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Cordinate Cordinate Fabric Cord Cover

Cordinate Fabric Cord Cover
3,701 Reviews
Cordinate Fabric Cord Cover
  • Effortless: Fabric cover has hook-and-loop closure for quick and easy installation
  • Multiple Uses: Great for concealing cords to lamps, electronics, chandeliers, charging cables and more
  • Cable Management: Take control of your cables by using the cord covers for ultimate cable management
  • High Quality: Premium nylon material is sure to withstand the test of time

If you’re looking for cable management on the desk for your computer setup, then you should look into this product by Coordinate.

First, you don’t need any installation here. This makes using this particular cable management a total breeze.

Once you have placed all the cables inside the fabric cover, you simply close them up using the product’s hook-and-loop closure mechanism. You get 2 cord covers if you opt for this product, and each cover is 6 feet long. This is enough length to cover all your lamps, light fixtures, and desktop cables. By hiding your cables, this product protects your pets from trip hazards. 

Also, it protects the cables from damages besides keeping your working space neat and well-organized. This cable management system comes in a variety of color options: black, heather grey, champagne, Mocha, and eggshell white. You, therefore, have a few options for your home décor.

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Simr Wire Holder System

Simr Wire Holder System
1,766 Reviews
Simr Wire Holder System
  • BETTER FOR DIFFERENT SURFACES: A wall, plastic, wood, glass, metal or rubber (or others), our cable management system will help you achieving your cable organization goal at home, in your cubicle or office desk. All cords are very easy to clamp and unclamp to the adhesive wire holders.
  • MAKE DESK CLEAN & ORGANIZED: Cables and cords around your work desk, TV, computer, cell phone or even your car, Simr Cable Clips will make sure that your cables are organized and easily accessible when you need them. Good for your cell phone stand holder, headphones, phone and chargers, USB cables, power cords, computer, laptop and audio wires, ethernet, HDMI, TV, musical instruments wires, gaming console cords or other accessory items you need by hand.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY & LONG LASTING: Thanks to the certified and long lasting plastic this eco-friendly cable organizer will easily make you gain time and money by increasing the life of your cables and freeing you from looking for them.
  • QUICK PEEL & STICK: You can in 5 seconds or less peel and stick your self adhesive cable clip for immediate use. Our high quality cable drop solution will fit large and small cables.

The next product on our list is a pack of 2 SIMR cable clips. With each clip holding 3 cables, you can help keep your work desk neat and free of cables laying around. The cable clips thus offer excellent cable management solutions.

Installing the cable clips on a surface such as a wall is a no-brainer since they have Acrylic adhesive pads that happen to stick for a long time! You can stick the cable clips on walls made of glass, wood, and marble with unmatched strength. 

Some of the cable types to hold with these 2 cable clips are USB cables, power cords, audio cables, and HDMI cables. Also, you can hold network cables, cell phone chargers, Apple lightning cables, and headphone cables. As such, this product is very versatile when it comes to usage. It is, therefore, a good investment for someone looking for tips for cable management.

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SimpleCord J Channel Cable Organizer

SimpleCord J Channel Cable Organizer
3,594 Reviews
SimpleCord J Channel Cable Organizer
  • Extra-strength tape included in each kit. Do not worry about your raceways falling off your desk or wall after just a week. We have included an extra strength self-adhesive tape that is twice as wide and much stronger than similar products on the market today!
  • Each package contains five 16-inch channels. If your project needs flexibility this is the perfect kit for you. Whether you will be running your cords horizontally or vertically the shorter channels help make installation easy.
  • Non-locking channel for easy access. The open top design allows for easy installation and management of your cords. This is especially useful for power cables that you might move around quite a bit like a phone charger. The raceways can be cut if you need a different size.
  • Perfect for an office or living space. The J Style Cable Organizer by SimpleCord is ideal for desks, offices, baseboards, or Kitchens. It is a simple solution to your tangled, messy cords.

This product is a kit that comprises 5 black cable channels. All the raceway channels come with an extra-strength tap for installation purposes. The tapes make sure that the cable channels stay firmly attached to your work desk without the possibility of falling to the floor.

The channels have a non-locking design. This construction design lets you place your cables inside the raceways with ease. Since each raceway is 16 inches long, you get up to 80 inches of cable management facility. As such, all your power and network cables for the desktops will be safe from harm. 

And this also ensures that no one around you is exposed to trip hazards. Keeping your workspace neat and well-organized is now possible if you opt for a SimpleCord cable organizer.

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Cabaley Under Desk Cable Tray

Cabaley Under Desk Cable Tray
493 Reviews
Cabaley Under Desk Cable Tray
  • 💪 BUILT STURDY AND WIDE – Made of 3mm PVC plastic, Designed to conceal those hanging wires / cables / cords / power strips and power bricks. Concur your work space again!
  • 🔩 2 MOUNTING OPTIONS – The Cable Tray can be easily installed using the heavy duty double sided mounting tape or wood screws – both included and tested for 7lb resistance
  • ✔️ BETTER DESIGN AND FUNCTIONALITY – The Tray can be positioned facing outside or inside the table. Other than the 2 side entries we added 5 rectangular access point (1.7 x 1.7 inch each) from the back and from the bottom to allow you more threading options. Unlike the open wire mesh design the CABALEY Tray design better tucks, hides and secures your work space clutter.
  • 🛡️ SAFE, SECURE, HIDDEN – Store all the clutter away from your family and pets. Keeps them all tucked under the desk. Remove unwanted distractions to help create a more stress-free environment.

The Cabaley is another great product for cable management under the desk. This cable management product comes with 8 wood screws that you can use to install it under your work desk. But that’s not the only installation hardware it comes with since there are also 2 tape straps for mounting it under your desk.

The unit is 17.5 inches long, 4.5 inches wide, and 3.75 inches high. With this dimension, you can excellently hold 5 cables in this cable management tray. Besides, it has 5 access points for cables, cords, power strips, and computer power supply cables. As such, it guarantees usage versatility.

Besides promising practicality and impressive performance, it is very durable since high-quality PVC material comprises its build. This cable management tray, therefore, outlasts most units on the market. It has what it takes to keep your work desk neat and well-organized and is thus another great investment.

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Scandanavian Hub Under Desk Cable Tray

Scandanavian Hub Under Desk Cable Tray
490 Reviews
Scandanavian Hub Under Desk Cable Tray
  • Join more than 100,000 satisfied customers who have already untangled their cable mess with Scandinavian Hub cable trays. Our under table cable management kit is made out of steel, giving it sturdy construction and is the Strongest Kit on Amazon. These under desk wire organizers are fully welded and powder coated for long life.
  • Easily Mounted: The under desk cord organizer tray installs to the bottom of any wood, MDF, or particleboard desk. You can even mount it on the wall and use it as a cable management wall unit. Not suitable for installation on paper honeycomb-filled desks like some IKEA office desks - Linnmon and Skarsta.
  • Endless Length Options: The under desk cable tray white set contains 10 screws, 2 straps and 2 wire trays, 15.9” (40,5cm) each, giving you a total of 31.8” (81cm) of wire management under desk. Compatible with CubiCubi and Mr Ironstone desks thicker than ¾”.
  • Better Design: Your new wire hiders for desk work great even with desks with very little overhang. The cable rack has a unique design allowing for mounting from anywhere along the length of the tray unlike other trays that have fixed screw locations.

If you have a home office, then you know how unsightly your working space might be. So, why not invest in a cable management tray? If you’re looking for such a tray, look no further than the Scandanavian Hub under desk cable tray. First, it is very sturdy since it’s made of metal wire. 

Because of its sturdy construction, it can carry up to 10 pounds of cables and multi-outlet plugs. There are 8 screws for mounting the tray under your desk. The screws not only give you a sturdy installation but they also give you a few installation options. You can choose to mount this unit either on a wall or under your work desk.

If you opt for this item, you get a set of 2 cable management trays. Each tray is 15.9 inches long and 5 inches wide. You, therefore, have enough space for all your computer cables if you choose this product. As such, it is a great investment for anyone with a small home office or studio.

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What is cable management?

Cable management refers to a setup that neatly organizes or binds all your cables, electrical wires, and power supply cords together. The result is always a sightly workspace that is also free from trip hazards.

Can I use cable management accessories in my office?

Cable management accessories do more than to organize and neatly bind all your cables together. They also support your cables and protect them from damages that might arise from tripping. 

Also, they save some space on your work desk since they eliminate the need to have wires running all over your work desk. All these are enough reasons to use cable management accessories in your office!


What are the risks of not using cable management accessories in my office?

You risk having tangled cables and power cords. When cords and cables are tangled together, they become harder to work with. And sometimes, power cords might accidentally unplug themselves from a power outlet.

You also risk creating tripping hazards if you don’t have proper cable management in your office. Tripping might cause an accident that might inflict excruciating pain. And lastly, your working space will be untidy and poorly organised if you don’t use cable management accessories.


Our list has included some of the best cable management accessories on the market. Since there is no shortage of the cable management accessories, you can be sure to find plenty of them on the market.

But what we’ve featured some of the best products out there. So, if you’re looking to reduce clutter on your work desk, you can use our recommended cable management accessories. Besides guaranteeing a clutter-free work desk, these also make your working space look well. 

Also, they reduce trip hazards for dogs and children for users in a home environment. As such, they’re a good investment for every office! Transform your office or home into a safe, neat, and well-organized space for every family member by using cable management accessories.

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