The Best LED Desk Lamps That Help Houseplants Grow Strong

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All plants need light to one degree or another to grow so when growing houseplants and natural light is hard to come by we turn to artificial sources to help us out. 

Whether a lack of sunlight is your problem (for us living in Scotland means periods of daylight are extremely short during winter), or you are choosing to bring a shady corner of the home back to life with plants, LED grow lights are a great way to keep  indoor plants healthy.

Grow lights come in a vast array of designs with each boasting a slightly different spectral output. This matters if you are a professional grower as providing a plant with the wrong type of light during any particular growth phase will result in less growth 

The market is saturated with grow lights intended to provide for professional growers and serious hobbyists who care greatly about getting the maximum amount of growth and flowering out of a plant whilst encouraging it to take an aesthetically pleasing form.

But what options do you have if you are simply looking to care for your houseplants and don’t particularly want to spend a ton of money on a state of the art, suspend from the ceiling grow light? 

This review post covers the best desktop LED grow lights on the market with feed in from personal experience (we supplement the light available to our indoor plants using the Vogek full spectrum grow light).

If you do care a little bit more about plant yield or have amassed a vast collection of indoor plants you might be best checking out something like the FECiDA modular grow light which is designed to provide light across a very wide growing area.

Our Best LED Desk Lamps for Houseplants

  1. Vogek Full Spectrum Clip On Grow Light – Our Pick For Best LED Desk Lamp for Houseplants
  2. Flowlamp Full Spectrum Fan Bulb – Our Budget Pick LED Desk Lamp for Houseplants
  3. Emiral Full Spectrum LED Plant Grow Light – Also Great LED Desk Lamp for Houseplants

Our Pick Vogek Full Spectrum Clip On Grow Light

Vogek Full Spectrum Clip On Grow Light
168 Reviews
Vogek Full Spectrum Clip On Grow Light
  • Timing Function & Auto On/Off: Grow light has a great timer function. This indoor growing lamp can be timed from 00:10 to 23:50 with display. With auto on/off function, the Plant light will be circle restarted automatically the next day after the first time setting.NOTE: it can not stand up on its own, it is desk clip-on.
  • 4 Switch Modes & 10 Brightness Settings: LED growing lamp provides 10 brightness levels from 10% to 100% by pressing plus button or minus button. You also can choose one, two, three or four lamps on.
  • Strong Clip & Adjustable Gooseneck: The 4-head indoor plant light has a strong clip that can be stably and arbitrarily clamped on anywhere. The gooseneck is flexible but stiff enough to hold the weight of the lights. You can move the light accurately to the position you need.
  • Great Efficiency & Replaceable Bulb: LED indoor plant light offers a full spectrum from 380nm up to 800nm from which plant can absorb all lights it needs. This grow lamp can meet the needs of various plant growth. The plant bulbs are replaceable, so you can replace the new bulb instead of buying a new light when the lifetime of the bulb ends. This design is friendly to the environment.
Our own Vogek Grow Lamp provides light to a terrarium and a large Monstera
Our own Vogek Grow Lamp provides light to a terrarium and a large Monstera

In terms of versatility the Vogek full spectrum grow light provides it all.

The option to use 1, 2 or 3 lamp heads at any one time allows optimal lighting conditions to be established for almost every small and medium houseplant.

A perfect grow lamp for small spaces, the Vogek is a valuable addition to any desk or shelf set-up that indoor plants call home. Moreover it is powerful enough to double up as a desk lamp at the same time as shining light fuel upon a collection of your plants. 

Owing to the length of time plants are recommended to be exposed to full spectrum light to achieve optimal growth (up to 16 hours), it’s likely that you won’t be moving the lamp around the house too frequently. That said if you needed to make a move the transition is so much easier than any other type of grow light. 

We have chosen to establish somewhat of a ‘plant hospital’ where plants in need of perking up are moved onto a table that holds the light rather than the light moved to the plant. 

The lighting output has a good balance of red and blue light making it ideal for all stages of plant growth and the flexible goosenecks combined with dimness settings mean the intensity of light received by each plant can be fine tuned. 

Out of the box the set-up and installation of the light is extremely straightforward. The bulldog clip allows attachment to almost any desk, shelf or flat surface without leaving a mark and the buttons controlling the timing function are clearly marked and intuitive to use. If you get stuck the included instruction leaflet will help you out. 

The clip strength was admittedly something which I was a little worried about, what with the weight of all three lamps potentially being clustered together and extended well away from the centre of the clip. 

My fears however were unfounded as you can see in the picture below as the clip is even strong enough to hold the unit safely on a vertical surface. Successfully growing plants indoors could hardly be made easier. 

Budget Pick Flowlamp Full Spectrum Fan Bulb

Flowlamp Full Spectrum Fan Bulb
507 Reviews
Flowlamp Full Spectrum Fan Bulb
  • 【4 Heads Grow Lights】 This plant lamp designed with 4 head 360-degree flexible goose necks which can adjust the angle and distance between light and plants easily to expand the light coverage area with more efficient lighting for more plants.1

Sold by a manufacturer who has a long history of success through investing in research and development, the Flowlamp’s Full Spectrum Fan Bulb has found an innovative way to repurpose your existing desk lamp into an efficient grow light. 

The fan shaped assembly holds a massive 414 LEDs (18 blue: 36 red : 360 white) which work together to create the full spectrum output that your houseplants crave. 

The bulb is designed to fit an E27 screw socket, which makes it about as simple as it can be to switch out your old bulb with this upgrade. 

The clever design means the fans can be fully opened to create a wide zone of light, or partially closed to focus the light into a narrower shaft. This feature is perfect should your existing lamp contain a ‘Pixar’ style lamp surround. 

Also Great Emiral Full Spectrum LED Plant Grow Light

Emiral Full Spectrum LED Plant Grow Light
720 Reviews
Emiral Full Spectrum LED Plant Grow Light
  • 🌱【Full Spectrum Plant Light】Led plant grow lights offer full spectrum from 380 up to 800nm from which plant can absorb all lights it needs. The three-heads lights contain 150leds and output is 150W, which can provide strong and uniform intensity of light to plants. Emiral LED grow light has larger lighting area and is very suitable for every plant growth stage.
  • 🌱【Quality Upgraded Material】The led plant grow light features quality tube made of metal, which can hold the three-heads light, prevent them from falling down. Also, tripod stand enlarged the width, perfectly support the led grow light, make sure to provide the effective lights to your beloved plants.
  • 🌱【Flexible Adjustment】360-degree flexible gooseneck allows you to adjust any angle to light up your plants, as well as the stand height can adjust from 15.7 to 42.7 in, in accordance to your plant, you can spontaneously adjust the grow lights to the perfect position.
  • 🌱【Multifunction Control Dashboard】The control box features four buttons:①Switch on/off; ②Brightness Adjustment, there are 4 brightness modes; ③ Timer Function, 3/6/12 Hours for you to choose; ④ 3 Lighting Modes: One Light On, Two Light On, Three Light On.

Another triple head full spectrum light makes it into the runner up spot for best desktop LED grow light. 

For a small and medium sized house plants the Emiral grow light provides both the correct wavelength and ratio of light to cause plants to grow vertically and produce dense rather than leggy foliage. 

The flexible gooseneck and dimness settings also allow as much or as little light to be directed towards your plants as is needed. 

By using LEDs this unit is also far more efficient than traditional CFL lighting can ever hope to be. This makes it a realistic option to leave this lamp on for long periods without making much of a difference to your electricity bills. 

Maintenance wise the LED lamp heads are able to be separated from the unit with a simple twist. This allows you to replace a single bulb rather than the whole lamp should any damage be sustained. 

The only thing that caused this unit to be rated slightly below the Vogek in our opinion was that the controls were inline with the power cable rather than attached. 

LimoStudio Low Energy Daylight Light Bulb - Best Alternative To LED Lamps For Houseplants

Emiral Full Spectrum LED Plant Grow Light
568 Reviews
Emiral Full Spectrum LED Plant Grow Light
  • Contents: 45-Watt Day Light Fluorescent Photo Bulb
  • Color Rendering Index: 80, Color Temperature: 6000K
  • Standard E26/E27 Base Size, 7" X 2" Dimension
  • Equal to 200W Incandescent Light Bulb Output

For an alternative to LED desktop grow lamp we’re going to think slightly out of the box.

Traditional CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) bulbs provide a cool light can emit a wavelength that is often lacking in the more commonly seen warm light lightbulbs.

Whilst the light emitted by the LimoStudio bulb is not full spectrum (and therefore lacking for the purpose of plant photosynthesis) this particular bulb does emit a cool light temperature of 6500k making it more likely it provides good light for growing plants vs other CFL bulbs.

At a fraction of the price of dedicated LED grow light unit the LimoStudio bulb is worth adding into any existing E27 lamps that are relied upon to keep houseplants alive.. 


How do LED grow lights benefit plants?

Grow lights mimic natural light as close as possible by providing a balance of both blue and red light. Each is essential to achieve healthy plant growth.

This balance of spectral output is something which is lacking in normal LED lights. We explore more on this topic here


How much full spectrum light does my indoor plant need to survive?

Bearing in mind that some plant species prefer shady conditions this question has no straightforward answer. 

A plant needs a to spend a certain amount of time in darkness to fully develop so it’s not simply a case of the more light the better.

If the plant has no other sources of light available then the vegetative phase (when plants are growing but not yet flowering) would benefit from around 12 hours of full spectrum light. This need decreases slightly as the plant enters the flowering stage.


How do I know if my desk lamp uses an E27 bulb?

An E27 bulb is one that has an Edison screw fitment that is 27mm in width. This means the diameter of the lightbulb base is 27mm. 

Rather than attempt to measure the width of the screw look for the code printed on the bulb glass or the packaging it came in. All lightbulbs should feature a letter to denote the style of the base followed by a number that tells us the width of the base. 


If you seriously care about your houseplant collection it might be time to experiment by bringing an entry level grow light into your set-up. 

An LED grow lamp that is designed to fit sleekly into your home office set-up will allow your workspace and the houseplants to be illuminated by valuable full spectrum light.

Not only will this help supplement the natural light that your plants are receiving but it can also assist in reviving those plants that have been living in less than perfect conditions. 

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