The 6 Best Monitor Arms For Heavy Monitors

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If you have a heavy monitor and want a clean desk setup, you’ll inevitably be searching for a safe and secure monitor arm to help you declutter at the same time as maneuver your screen with ease. 

However the specs of most monitor arms are dictated by mass market demands, and creates a bit of a problem for those of us with a heavy monitors. The vast majority of monitor arms just cannot handle the additional stress placed upon them by weights greater than 20lbs!

So we set aside some time to do some research and gather together a few that can – below you’ll find 6 of the best arms for securely holding heavy monitors. 

Also Great

Ergotron LX Monitor Arm

  • Holds monitors up to 25lbs (11.3kg)
  • For monitors up to 34" in size
  • Attaches to desks up to 60mm thick

Our Pick

Loctek D7L Monitor Mount

  • Holds monitors up to 34lbs (15.4kg)
  • Dynamic positioning that is really fluid
  • Mic, headphone jack and USB port in the base plate

Budget Pick

North Bayou Long Monitor Arm

  • Holds monitors up to 26.4lbs (12kg)
  • The long extension is perfect for deep desks
  • USB charging ports in base
  • Built in cable management system

How Heavy Are The Heaviest Monitors?

Typically smaller monitors of 21″ in size weigh around about the 8lb (3.6kg) mark, whilst the largest of ultrawide gaming monitors, such as the Samsung Odessey G9, can weigh up to an extremely heavy 37lbs (16.7kg)!

The weights of a few popular heavy monitors are captured in the table below for reference.

Weight Of Popular Monitors lbs kg
LG 32UK550-B
BenQ PD3200U
Dell U2719DX

Our Pick - Locktek D7L Monitor Mount

754 Reviews
  • Arm easily adjusts to support an ergonomically correct workstation; sit more comfortably at your desk while reducing neck, eye and back strain, extend or retract monitor arm; rotate monitor to landscape or portrait mode
  • Choose the right mount: our D7L supports 13.2-33 lb monitors that are between 10”-34”; make sure your monitor’s VESA holes measure 100x100mm or 75x75mm
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum arm features a stylish anti-scratch surface.
  • Gas spring hovering system gracefully adjusts monitor height. Front-loading ports for audio, mic & USB 3.0

This monitor mount will make your work area more efficient and more comfortable. It’s rated with the greatest carrying capacity of our test group and can hold monitors that are up to 33 pounds in weight and 34 inches in size—clearing your desk space, and holding your monitor at an angle that won’t strain your eyes, neck or back. 

With the D7L you have complete control over your monitor position. The tension at each of the arm sections can be customised so you can extend or retract the monitor arm, tilt it 90 degrees up and 15 degrees down, or adjust the height up to a maximum of 21 inches. You can even rotate your monitor to 90 degrees, letting you choose between landscape or portrait orientation. 

The Loctek is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which resists scratches and looks very sleek and expensive. And thanks to its in-built cable management system, the typical tangle of wires is neatly organized and hidden away.

It comes with a clamp (for a desk edge) and grommet (for a hole through the desk), so you can install it straight out of the box however, Loctek reviews say that it only works with desks that are at least 1 inch thick, or the monitor stand won’t be stable. Due to the stability needed to carry heavy monitors, it can’t be installed on glass desks. 

Also Great - Egotron LX Monitor Arm

8,912 Reviews
  • Broad compatibility: Fits single screens up to 34 inches diagonal and 25 pounds; compatible with VESA patterns 75x75mm and 100x100mm
  • Versatile mounting options: Includes 2-piece desk clamp and grommet mount to fit a variety of desk types; desk clamp attaches to desks 0.4 to 2.4 inches thick; grommet mount attaches through a surface hole to desks up to 2.25 inches thick
  • Improved comfort: Easily raise your monitor up to 17.3 inches above your worksurface with 13 inches of lift; find your best view for each project with 360 degrees of rotation and 75 degrees of tilt
  • Sleek and modular design: Designed with aesthetics in mind to enhance your workspace, built-in cable management creates a streamlined look; a suite of compatible accessories lets you customize your work or gaming space

It’s rare to see a mounting arm in any color except black or metal. However  the Ergotron LX also comes in a classic white to suit all interior design styles, or even blend seamlessly against white walls to create the illusion of “floating screens.”

If you prefer a more industrial look, it also comes in polished aluminum. 

This monitor arm has without question superior build quality compared to basic arms and can carry monitors that weigh up to 25 pounds and 34 inches wide. The mounting pole allows you to raise the screen an additional 13 inches if desired, and your wires and cables can tuck inside to an inbuilt cable runner to keep a clutter free appearance. If you have a standing desk and wish your monitor to be held even higher to match your line of sight, there is an option to have the same monitor arm on a longer mounting pole

This is a very strong and durable monitor arm that will last you for years. With a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty on all LX range products you know that this arm is built to last.It has passed the 10,000 cycle motion test, and garnered an average of 4.7/5 rating from nearly 3,800 Amazon reviews, which from spending hours researching is a rating that isn’t given out lightly!

Budget Pick - North Bayou Long Monitor Arm

1,846 Reviews
  • ULTRA WIDE LONG ARM- with ultra wider and longer arm fits most monitors from 22''-35'' monitors with load capacity within 6.6~ 26.4 lbs (3-12KG), Perfect solution for deeper desktops
  • VESA-COMPLIANT PATTERNS 75x75mm or 100x100mm; While the whole VESA Plate of this product is 118*118mm,Pls pay special attention to the size of VESA Plate if your monitor are curved monitor, Or your VESA hole is inside a recession area.
  • EASY INSTALLATION Supports clamp or Grommet hole installation, C clamp works great on desk thicknesses within 3.54” (90mm), while Grommet mounting fits hole diameter from 0.39 to 1.97”(10-50mm), Integrated cable management conceals inside provide clean, neat and clutter-free appearance, maximum ergonomic comfort to relieve eye, neck, and back strain.
  • WIDE RANGE ADJUSTMENTS Built-in with ultra-precision gas-strut, Support: +85° to -30° screen tilt adjustment, 360° rotation for landscape or portrait mode; Upright lift 13.5" (345mm) and +90° to -90° degrees swivel, Hold your monitors on a full motion to saves your valuable space

If you’re on a tight budget, try the North Bayou long arm. It costs less than $60, but for this price you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its performance.

For use with heavy monitors, it can be used for screens up to 35” and has a load capacity of  26lbs (12 kg).

It gives the same range of motion as the more expensive arms, such as the 360 degree rotation for portrait and landscape mode, 90 degree swivel, and a wide screen tilt from +85 degrees to -30° degrees. It even has a much longer arm than most monitors, which is ideal if you have a very large or deep desk.

One of the best features is the built-in USB hub in the base, so it’s easy to charge your phone or other gadgets while you’re working in front of the computer.

The strong and wide clamp ensures that it won’t wobble or fall off and plays a part in the 4.6 star rating on Amazon.

VESA measurements are 75x75mm and 100x100mm. The plate itself is 118x118mm, so you will need a longer screw

Huanuo Dual Monitor Mount Stand
3,570 Reviews
Huanuo Dual Monitor Mount Stand
  • Increased Stability for Heavier Monitors - The upgraded base, built-in premium gas spring and large arms make this dual monitor mount more stable so it can securely hold two 13”-35” screens weighing up to 26.4lbs. Compatible with VESA 75x75mm and 100x100mm.
  • Longer and Taller Arms - This computer monitor stand comes with enlarged arms that extend up to 25.6" which is perfect for deeper, larger desktops. It can be easily raised up to 21", providing you with more comfortable height adjustment.
  • Full Motion Adjustments - This gas spring dual monitor stand allows your screens to swivel from -90° to +90°, tilt from -30° to +85° and rotate 360°. Conveniently set your monitors at an optimal angle to increase productivity and comfort.
  • Increased Stability & Convenience - The enlarged base and sturdy construction ensure superb stability. Supports both clamp and bolt-through grommet mounting for desk thicknesses up to 3.54". The hole for grommet mounting should be 0.39" to 1.97" in diameter; the built-in USB port provides an easy way to charge your USB devices.

Considering the quality and durability of this monitor stand—and the fact that it can hold two screens—this is a really good deal.

The sturdy base and high-quality gas spring supports two screens with a maximum weight of 26.4 lbs each, and a maximum size of 35” each. It also has long arms, that can extend as high as 25.6”. This is a good option for people with very large or deep desks.

How do you want to position your screen? This can swivel 90 degrees upwards and downwards, rotate through the full 360 degrees, and tilt up to 55 degrees backward and 8 degrees forward.

You can also configure this for multiple screen setups: set the two screens side be side or in an L shape, or face them opposite directions for people who are working across the table from each other. You can even switch from landscape and portrait mode.

AVLT Dual Monitor Arm
187 Reviews
AVLT Dual Monitor Arm
  • 【FITS 24" TO 35" SCREEN】Dual monitor desk mount fits most of flat/curved/ultrawide computer monitors from 8.8 lb to 31 lb each in weight with VESA 75x75mm or 100x100mm mounting holes. ※IMPORTANT NOTE※ The gas spring is set ar around 26lbs, and the tilt systems are set at maximum capacity.
  • 【SAVE VALUABLE SPACE】Heavy-duty metal base only take up 5.5" x 4.3" desk surface. The c-clamp and grommet mounting options support up to 2.3" desk thick.
  • 【ERGONOMIC VIEWING HEIGHT】Premium gas spring monitor arm assists height adjustment from 6.6" to 18.6", which passes 10,000-cycle motion test. Adjusting the monitor adapts to your posture by arm extension, vertical tilt, horizontal swivel, and landscape or portrait rotation.
  • 【STAY HEALTHY & FOCUS】New top mounting design simplicity the assemble process. After locking a few screws, the monitor mounts instantly improve working posture, increase workspace, hide cables, and discover the most productive self.

If you have a dual screen set up, this can actually hold two large monitors that weigh up to 33 lbs each.  The monitor arm is made of heavy-duty steel and aluminium. Even if it’s carrying as much as 66 pounds, the AVLT won’t wobble or sag thanks to the strong gas spring. In fact, all springs pass through a 16,000-cycle motion test.

Enjoy a flexible range of motion! You can configure your monitors in landscape and portrait, and adjust the position and angle just by gently touching it with a finger. And if you want to lock it in place, it has a special bolt design—with a few twists, even the largest and bulkiest monitors will hold steady.

All cables are neatly stored using the detachable cable management system, and you have the option to mount it either with a C-clamp or grommet mounts.

Mount-It! MI-7C012 Monitor Arm
646 Reviews
Mount-It! MI-7C012 Monitor Arm
  • Fits all brands of 19 20 21.5 24 27 inch computer screens, with a maximum support weight of 19.8 pounds, using the 75x75mm or 100x100mm VESA square bolt hole pattern found on the back of the monitors. Measure the distance between the mounting bolt holes on the back, in millimeters, if unsure of size.
  • The single monitor arm is fully adjustable, and the head can tilt up 90 degrees and down 40 degrees. You can swivel your screen a full 360 degrees, and you can also rotate the screen 360 degrees and place it in either portrait or landscape mode. You can adjust the height on both the pole (13.5 inches) and effortlessly with the counter-balanced gas spring arm as well (another 10 inches).
  • Premium grade aircraft aluminum is strong, yet not too heavy, and will stand up to the test of time.
  • Mounts quickly with interchangeable C-clamp and grommet bases for desktops up to 3.5 inches thick and comes with all mounting hardware, tools, and instructions necessary for assembly.

The first thing you’ll notice about the MI-7C012 is how sleek it looks. Unlike the typical drab black metal arms, this has a shiny silver finish and an almost sculptural design. The cables and pole clip tuck all of the wires neatly inside it. So not only will it clear up your desk space, but It actually makes it look a lot more elegant and modern.

This monitor arm can carry up to 19.8lbs (9 kg), and the gas spring arm extends to a maximum height of 13.5 inches. It’s very easy to change the height and orientation. You can tilt it upwards by 90 degrees, or downwards by 40 degrees. You can swivel the screen a full 360 degrees, and view either landscape or portrait mode. As you move the screen, the C-Clamp holds it securely to the table. 

It comes with a separate plate that lets you mount it in a desk with a hole without the need for screws. This is a good option if your desk is too thick to accommodate the C-clamp.


Are gas assisted monitor arms better for heavy monitors?

To cope with the weight of particularly heavy screens, heavy duty monitor arms are commonly designed with gas springs as opposed to simple articulated joints.

Gas springs, like the one in your office chair, need to meet resistance before they depress, so this means that until your monitor is attached and its weight begins to have influence you won’t be able to position the arm in the position you desire.


Are all monitors compatible with monitor arms?

The vast majority of monitors will have no problem as they are VESA compliant, meaning they have 4 screw points on the rear of the monitor in a formation that is standardised across most manufacturers. 

However not all monitors can be attached to a monitor arm. Apple products for example are not VESA compatible as standard however can be modified with a VESA mount adapter for 24″ and 27″ iMacs, all Thunderbolt displays and LED Cinema Displays.

Round up

If you have a very heavy monitor, you don’t have to sacrifice form for function when incorporating a monitor arm into your office setup. our quick review of several monitor arms has shown that with the right specs you’ll have no barrier to creating a clutter free, productivity blessed, free from distraction workspace.

Try not to cut corners on this piece of kit if you can help it. You want a durable and reliable arm that gives you a full range of motion and is easy to adjust. The frustration of not being able to tilt your monitor or get it to stay at the right height just isn’t worth saving a couple of bucks.  

Good luck finding the right arm for your setup!

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