Best Ergonomic Mouses For The Left Handed

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In keeping with the split of dominant hands amongst the population (85% right:15% left) most mouse manufacturers put a lot of energy into producing right-handed computer mice and seemingly abandon the left-handed cohort. And this has presented an unwelcome challenge to left-handed computer users. 

Following an afternoon of research we found only a handful of left-handed mice that are also ergonomically designed (making your wrist and forearm more comfortable by removing muscle strain and wrist pain) and many of these were just the same white labeled model.

Through the e-commerce noise we bring you the best ergonomic mice for left hands for your consideration. 

Budget Pick

Perixx Perimice 719L Wireless Mouse

  • Wireless and has advanced optical sensor for high-accuracy
  • Silent-click buttons

Our Pick

Lekvey Wireless Left Handed Mouse

  • Soft-click buttons for sufferers of repetitive strain injuries
  • 2.4 GHz secure and fast wireless connection

Also Great

Evoluent VM4L Left Handed Ergonomic Mouse

  • Vertical design for left-handed users
  • Mouse manager software for customization
  • A wide lip base provides a ledge for your whole hand to rest

Our Pick Lekvey Wireless Left Handed Ergonomic Mouse

Lekvey Wireless Left Handed Ergonomic Mouse
10,053 Reviews
Lekvey Wireless Left Handed Ergonomic Mouse
  • ✔ ERGONOMIC, SLEEK AND RECHARGEABLE DESIGN -- Scientific ergonomic design encourages healthy neutral "handshake" wrist and arm positions for smoother movement and less overall strain
  • ✔ MULTIFUNCTION AND CONVENIENT -- Advanced "Page Back" and "Page Forward" functionality buttons provide convenience when web page browsing. 800 /1200/1600 DPI Levels -- Easily adjusts the sensitivity of the mouse
  • ✔ HIGH-CAPACITY RECHARGEABLE BATTERY -- Built-in rechargeable battery. You no longer need to buy batteries, very convenient !! EASY TO USE -- One nano USB receiver at the bottom of the mouse, Just Plug and Play!
  • ✔ WIDELY COMPATIBLE -- Widely compatible with Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 / Linux. 【Note: Not compatible with Mac OS, Apple Products】 Once you get used to the ergonomic mouse, you will love it so much !

And if you’re someone who struggles with repetitive strain injuries, you might appreciate this mouse!  

The tilted design of the Lekvey makes sure that your left hand assumes the natural handshake position for stress-free wrist and forearm muscle movement.

As a wireless mouse, this unit comes with a USB receiver. The mouse, connects wirelessly to your computer with a 2.4 GHz frequency for a secure and fast connection and gives you a 10-meter range within which to work. 

Similar to the Perixx you have three sensitivity gears to choose from if you opt for this mouse: 800, 1,200, and 1,600 DPI. Simply use the DPI buttons on-board the mouse and you’ll be ready to adjust the mouse’ speed. 

The mouse uses 2 x AAA batteries (not included) which are preserved by the power saver mode to automatically shut down the mouse after 8 minutes of inactivity. 

Budget Pick Perixx Perimice 719L Left Handed Wireless Mouse

Perixx Perimice 719L Left Handed Wireless Mouse
800 Reviews
Perixx Perimice 719L Left Handed Wireless Mouse
  • WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY: Wireless 2. 4 GHz ergonomic mouse especially for small hands. Mouse Dimension: 105x67x58 mm. 6 button design. Wireless 2. 4GHz technology with 10 meter operating range
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Encourages natural handshake position while using to prevent repetitive strain injury or reduces muscular strain
  • HIGH ACCURACY : Optical sensor and built-in DPI switch button; You can switch DPI between 800/1200/1600; Plug-and-play mouse with nano USB receiver
  • SILENT-CLICK BUTTONS: Click without the annoying click; suitable for public places that require silence and work without distractions

This is a small but powerful mouse is vertical and made with left-hand users in mind. 

The compact size of the Perixx Perimice 719L makes it a firm favourite amongst those with small hands, and for everyone else a fantastic choice for a mobile workstation that needs to be packed up at the end of the day. 

It is a wireless mouse that comes with a USB receiver. Besides having a 10-meter range you will experience improved work performance as a result of having unrestricted freehand movement!

There is a DPI button for shifting between 3 sensitivity gears – 800, 1,200, and 1,600 DPI. The advanced optical sensor also makes sure that the mouse is fast for improved performance and a high degree of accuracy.

If you’re in an environment that requires silence, you might appreciate the silent-click feature of the 6 buttons on-board this mouse. Work without any annoying clicks for a peaceful working environment. It is compatible with various operating systems such as Windows 7/8/10. And as a bonus, it comes backed by a 1-year limited warranty. Your investment is, therefore, protected for a reasonable period.

Also Great Evoluent VM4L Vertical Mouse

Evoluent VM4L Vertical Mouse
515 Reviews
Evoluent VM4L Vertical Mouse
  • POINTER SPEED INDICATORS: Top mounted LEDs show through the chrome thumb rest to indicate selected pointer speed
  • IMPROVED THUMB REST: The thumb rest has been reshaped to provide even more comfort over earlier versions
  • AVOIDS FOREARM TWISTING FOR COMFORT AND GOOD HEALTH: The patented shape supports your hand in an upright neutral posture avoids forearm twisting.
  • POWERFUL AND INTUITIVE DRIVER: Evoluent Mouse Manager provides extensive but easy to use functionality for 6 buttons through a simple and intuitive interface.

The design of the Evoluent VM4L makes it ideal for left-handed computer users. 

Its vertical design means your hand will be in a natural handshake position during use, and as such, its ergonomics will remove strain in your wrist normally experienced following many hours of regular mouse use.

It is also a wired mouse with a USB cable, meaning you simply plug it into one of your computer’s USB port and you will be all set. It needs no additional drivers to function, making it a breeze to integrate into your setup. 

The mouse has standard features such as pointer speed buttons, and easy-to-reach thumb buttons. The base has a wide lip that prevents your fingers from rubbing against the desk when you’re working. 

The mouse manager software that’s on-board this unit comes in handy if you want to customize the button functions. You can, therefore do things like directly control the brightness of your computer screen with a single click.

Also, you can have a hyper-scrolling capability if you invest in this mouse, thanks to the robust customization of the 6 buttons! Besides, the mouse manager software works with many operating systems such as Windows 7 and 10, and Mac OS 10.5 to 10.14. 

Adesso iMouse E9 Ergonomic Mouse

Adesso iMouse E9 Ergonomic Mouse
118 Reviews
Adesso iMouse E9 Ergonomic Mouse
  • Left handed? No problem! You can now enjoy our ergonomic vertical mouse design in your LEFT hand!
  • Adjustable 4 Level DPI Switch (800/1200/1600/2400), Attain higher precision and better accuracy with your choice of 4 DPI levels
  • Optical sensor technology improves precision and even letsyou work on most glass and leather surfaceswithout a need of mouse pad
  • Two Internet navigational buttons, back and forward, areconveniently located on the left side of mouse to provide youwith Internet browser control with minimal hand movement

The Adesso iMouse E9 is a vertical unit with a contoured body that provides great comfort to the user. Its vertical design slants in such a way that the mouse is ideal for left-handed computer users who wish to remove any muscle strain normally experienced during regular mouse use.

It has a DPI switch for shifting through 4 mouse sensitivities: 800, 1,200, 1,600, and 2,400 DPI. As such, you can easily adjust the speed of the mouse with a single button. 

Also, there is an improved optical sensor on-board this mouse allowing for improved tracking speed and heightened performance. Both features working to improve user experience. 

The back and forward navigation buttons are easily accessible with your thumb, and they make surfing the web a total breeze. It is a wired mouse that you simply plug-n-play with no need for batteries.  

The mouse is compatible with Windows 7/8/10/Vista/XP/2000. However, it might not work with Mac OSs. But it’s still a great investment for left-handed users. 

AURTEC Rechargeable Ergonomic Mouse

AURTEC Rechargeable Ergonomic Mouse
850 Reviews
AURTEC Rechargeable Ergonomic Mouse
  • Ergonomic Vertical Design -- Specifical for left-handers, the ergonomically-designed thumb rests and grips fit the contour of your palm for maximum comfort, perfect for small hands.
  • Easy to Use -- Plug and Play mouse with USB receiver, easy to start to use, no additional drivers or software needed. Six buttons give you improved control over your computer's systems.
  • High-capacity Rechargeable Battery -- Built-in rechargeable batter, no longer need to buy batteries.
  • Intelligent Sleep and Wake Up -- The sleeping function is for saving energy, it goes to sleep when you are not using it for 8 minutes, and you only need to click any button on the mouse once, it should be back to work.

This mouse promises an ergonomic design and that is exactly what the user gets from the contoured body and thumb rest. 

And since it places the user’s hand in the natural handshake position, the mouse removes any pain in the wrist that might emanate from twisting endured during the use of a regular mouse. 

As a wireless mouse with USB receiver and a 10-meter working range, the AURTEC features a high-capacity built-in battery that you can recharge. As such, the battery powers the mouse for a long time, meaning you don’t have to worry about charging your mouse frequently amid intensive performance.

Besides having a DPI button for shifting between 800, 1,200, and 1,600 DPI, the mouse also has backward and forward navigation buttons to make surfing the web easier.

Power conservation is another benefit that comes with this mouse. With its intelligent sleep and wake-up functionality, your mouse will automatically shut down after 8 minutes of being inactive. The mouse is compatible with all Windows and Linux operating systems however, it might not work with Mac OS. 

The compatibility issue stops this mouse from making it higher up the recommended list, however its still a solid entry. 

Perixx Perimice 518 Left Handed Mouse

Perixx Perimice 518 Left Handed Mouse
1,025 Reviews
Perixx Perimice 518 Left Handed Mouse
  • LEFT-HANDED ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Ergonomic vertical mouse that is specialized for left-handed users and perfect for larger hand size. The design is focused to create a natural palm and wrist position while gripping the mouse; 6-button mouse includes scroll wheel click
  • HIGH RESOLUTION SENSOR - PERIMICE-518L comes with an optical sensor that will offer you smooth and accurate tracking movements
  • COMFORTABLE TO USE - Rubber coating at the for the palm and thumb support, provide you the perfect grip and elegant design
  • ADJUSTABLE DPI - You can change the sensitivity of the mouse by simply using the DPI switch button at the top of the mouse for reliable precision; 2 levels of DPI setting (1000/1600); No driver needed

Besides being an inexpensive left-handed vertical mouse, there are a lot to like about the Perixx Perimice 518.

Aside all the ergonomic benefits covered above this wired mouse also has a rubber coating which provides good grip and a pleasurable feel. 

A high-resolution optical sensor makes the mouse highly accurate in terms of smoothness and accurate tracking.

It has 6 buttons: right and left-click buttons, back and forward navigation buttons, scroll wheel, and a DPI switch, of which the latter allows you to choose from two DPI sensitivity levels – 1,000 and 1,600 DPI. 


How does an ergonomic mouse connect to my computer?

When it comes to ergonomic mice, you find two types of connections: wireless and wired. More often than not, wireless mice use a USB receiver (a small ) with a range of at least 10 meters to speak to the computer. But you can also find other models that also use Bluetooth technology. A wired mouse, on the other hand, uses a USB cable to connect directly to your computer.


Why should I choose a left-handed ergonomic mouse?

As a leftie, you will often use your dominant left hand for most tasks and if it can be helped then using a mouse designed for left hands (especially an ergonomic one) would create much more comfort and far less stressful forces upon your wrist. 

Specifically, a vertical ergonomic mouse places your hand in the natural handshake position thereby removing any wrist pain and muscle strain in your forearm. Second, these types of mice provide sufficient support to your palm, wrist, and thumb, and this makes them more ergonomic. 


What power source do wireless left-handed mice use?

A mouse, just like any other peripheral device, will need a power supply to function. But unlike wired mice that tap their power needs from a computer’s USB port, wireless models use either AAA batteries or a built-in rechargeable battery as their energy source. 


Are soft-click left-handed mice recommended for RSI users?

One thing that you should note is that you will use your fingers to click the buttons on the mouse. As you use your fingers, your muscles will strain. And the level of strain depends on the design of the buttons. 

To avoid repetitive stress injuries due to the continuous use of your fingers, you should opt for soft-click left-handed ergonomic mice. 


Between wired and wireless mice, which one should I pick?

It all depends on what you’re looking for in a mouse. If you want more power supply reliability, then a wired mouse might be what you’re looking for. But if you want more room for free arm movement and you don’t mind recharging your mouse or changing the batteries, then a wireless mouse might be the answer you seek. But all in all, they pretty much work the same.


Ergonomics is just as important as performance when looking for a mouse. As a left-hander, you should look for one that takes into account your sinistrous nature,  if it happens to be vertical then even better. These mice will not only perfectly fit in your left hand but will also relieve any wrist pain or muscle strain that you might have experienced in your wrist, forearm and shoulder. As such, a left-handed ergonomic mouse should be your go-to unit.

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