Home Office Design and Decor

If you’re going to be working from home, you’ll be needing a place to concentrate and focus when times require, yet be inviting enough to allow you to get the best out of your skills. Once the working environment has been established it’s time to fine tune your ability to be productive. 

How To Arrange Home Office Furniture | Placement Tips

Wondering how to best arrange home office furniture? Things like traffic flow, natural light cycles and view must all be considered. Get some ideas here.

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Can Art In Your Office Make You Work Better? [Art in the Workplace]

Art in the work space boosts production by instilling a sense of pride in the workforce, inspiring employees, and uniting with community and culture.

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Here’s How To Properly Organize An L-Shaped Desk

Are you having trouble organizing your new L-shaped desk? Click here for some simple solutions to ace L-Shaped desk organization.

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Simple Ways To Soundproof A Home Office Door

Are you distracted by noise coming through the door to your home office? Well, read about the simple ways to soundproof your home office door today!

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The Best Home Office Color Scheme For Improved Productivity

Color psychology is used for many things, and it can be applied to your office. Here are the best colors based on color psychology principles that will help you become...

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Small home office set up in a studio apartment

Sweet Home Office Ideas For Super Small Spaces!

Use these tips to set up a productive home office regardless of how little space you have to use.

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A Productive Home Office Setup Checklist (Including PDF Download)

When working from home you are surrounded by a lot of potential distractions. Creating the right environment to work from can make all the difference to how your day unfolds.

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Young man working on computer in modern white office

Does Standing At Your Desk Genuinely Improve Productivity?

Does working from a standing desk bring any benefits? Yes, standing desks have been proven and linked to a number of health and wellness benefits including lowering risk of type...

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