Home Working Productivity Tips

Becoming more productive might mean you need to pick up new habits, learn a new skill, or fine tuning your existing processes. In either case the aim of this page is to provide ideas that help you to improve your working from home habits.

Is Sitting Cross-Legged (Indian Style) At Your Desk Harmful?

Sitting cross legged at your office desk is said to improve posture and develop healthy habits. Simple enough in theory but what are the negatives?

ASMR using makeup brushes and Blue Yeti microphone

Can Everyone Experience ASMR? (Tingles For All?)

Is it possible for anybody to be able to experience ASMR? And if not, then what makes one capable of tapping into the relaxing sensation? We investigate.

How To Make Studying Easier And More Effective [5 Science Backed Tips]

Hands up if you have ever found yourself considering staging an "all-nighter" in order to cram every last nugget of information in preparation for an exam, sales pitch or job...

Are There Any Benefits To Listening To Lo-Fi Music Whilst Studying?

Lo-Fi music has many qualities which make it well suited to being a study soundtrack. What are they, and what benefits can you expect to receive? Find out here..

How Many Days Before An Exam Should I Study?

How many days before an exam should I begin to start studying? Our article helps you to plan your study time for the most effective exam performance.

How Many Hours Should I Study For An Exam?

Here's how many hours you need to put into your exam studies to get the best outcome possible. Study smarter, not harder using these tactics.

Memory Drinks For Students: Science or Scam?

Are you thinking of trying memory drinks? Do they actually work, or are there better ways to improve your brain function?

Should Screen Contrast Be Higher Than Brightness?

Optimising screen settings is crucial for those working from the computer all day. Contrast and brightness are two settings that you will need to customise.

Why Is Sitting Upright So Uncomfortable?

Why can't you stay sitting up straight for extended periods of time without it becoming uncomfortable? I thought sitting upright was good for your back!

What To Do 1hr Before An Exam: Cram Or Chill?

When you're preparing for an exam and the time is running out, in the final 60 minutes should you be doing some last-minute revision, or taking a break?

Glossy vs Matte Screens – Which Is Better For Your Eyes?

If you buy something using the retail links in our articles, sometimes we earn a small affiliate commission. This does not impact the products we recommend. From the computers in...

Is There Any Difference Between Touch Typing And Regular Typing?

When describing typing styles, is touch typing any different from a regular typing style that uses 2 or 3 fingers from each hand? The answer is here..

How Much Do Bigger Monitors Increase Productivity?

More than one productivity study has shown that if you want to work to the best of your ability then a large monitor is a worthwhile investment.

Is It Worth It To Learn Dvorak Typing?

The Dvorak layout is more efficient to use vs a QWERTY keyboard but does that benefit justify the time investment required to learn it?

Genius Office Napping Solutions: [Siesta to Boost Productivity]

Science has shown that even really quick “power naps” can boost our productivity through the roof. Here's some tips and tricks to held you nail a power nap!

Speed typing course online

How To Quit Using Only Two Fingers While Typing

Learn how to stop typing with two fingers and become a speedy typist. Using online games and keyboard accessories you can transform your typing habits.

When Are Employees Most Productive?

Interrogating big data we can an answer the question of which day is indeed deserved of the title ‘most productive day of the week'.

Modern simple office with trestle desk

How Does Light Color Affect Your Brain During Work? [Science Backed]

Get to know how you can use light to your advantage during work with these tips.

Headphones with visual sounds

How Does Noise Affect Productivity At Work? [Answered!]

Find out how noise impacts your productivity and what you can do to make sure it doesn't negatively affect your performance at work.

Fight Off Self-Doubt When Home Working {5 Tips}

Self-doubt often plagues those of us who are working from home. Defeating it is a process: here's a few things you can do to make that process successful.

Working In Natural Light

Are Chronotypes Real And Can They Be Hacked To Work Smarter??

If you’re a night owl, take heart. There are ways to hack your chronotype so that it works for you rather than against you!

Feeling Tired At Work? Here’s How To Stop The Slump!

In this article, we’ll be exploring why sleep is so important for our focus at work, then we’ll offer some suggestions on how you can improve your focus levels when...

Is Going Barefoot At Your Standing Desk Harmful? (Science Backed Conclusions)

Is it better to stand barefoot at a standing desk or to wear shoes? Is it better to use a standing desk at all? Here's what the research has to...

Winter Landscape of Snow Mountain Range

Are Motivational Posters A Complete Waste Of Paper?

A post about the effectiveness of motivational posters on productivity. Find out what science has to say about motivating yourself using posters.

Is Listening To Music While Working Good Or Bad? (Proven Facts)

Scientific research conducted in recent years has allowed us to know with certainty whether listening to music at work is a positive or negative influence.

11 Tips To Make Your Office Calming (My Zen Workspace)

Work related stress can influence how you feel and act in the workplace. Use these practical tips to build yourself a calming and zen promoting office.

How To Break Up Your Work Day (Hour By Hour Breakdown)

A good way to combat the challenges of home working is to organise a daily schedule. Here's how we breakdown our timetable hour by hour.

6 Pomodoro Length Playlists For Working From Home (Productivity Playlists)

Curious to test whether music could bring productivity gains into your home office environment we prepared a few work from home playlists.

9 Ways To Combat Remote Working Loneliness

Working apart from your colleagues can make you feel isolated and alone. Here are 9 tips we've tested to help alleviate remote working loneliness.

The Best Scents For An Office Environment {Boost Your Brain With Aroma}

Through using scent you can biohack your ability to focus better when you need to. Here’s a list of our best stimulating scents for offices.

What Do The G-Keys On A Computer Keyboard Actually Do?

With the ability to program multi-step commands, G Keys have become extremely popular in the gaming community and amongst productivity enthusiasts. 

What Level Of Screen Brightness Is Best To Protect Eyes?

Sometimes its necessary to stare at a computer screen for long periods so in this post we explore what screen brightness is best to protect your eyes.