Home Working Tech Tips

Born out of frustration when one too many items in our own home offices started to play up, or we just couldn’t find the right helpful information on the interwebs. Hopefully these tech tips give you ideas and save you time!

Frozen Computer + Control Alt Delete Not Working (TRY THIS!)

If your computer is frozen and the Ctrl + Alt + Delete function is not working here are some quick fix options which you can try instead.

Is CPU Or GPU More Important For Video Editing?

Graphical processing power is needed to edit videos, but out of the CPU and GPU which should you prioritise when building your next video editing setup?

Can I Use WD-40 To Lube My Mechanical Keyboard?

Stop! Before you apply WD-40 to your mechanical keyboard, check out this article and learn why it's a actually a bad idea.

Here’s The Best Color Temperature For Gaming Battlestations

Get to know how you can use the light color emitted by your monitor or RGB lighting to your advantage in the world of gaming.

How Long Does Keyboard Lube Last Before Needing Reapplied? [SOLVED]

For mechanical keyboards the switches and stabilisers benefit from being lubricated. Once applied however how long does keyboard lube actually last?

Do Gaming Mice Really Make A Difference?

Does using a gaming mouse actually give you an edge in gameplay over a regular mouse? And if so is it enough to justify the far higher price tag?

Are Gaming Headsets Harmful For Your Ears? [Future Hearing Loss??]

Gaming headsets present a real risk of harm to your hearing if used irresponsibly. Respect your ears and prevent future hearing loss using these tips

Does An SSD Improve Frames Per Second (FPS) When Gaming

If you splash out on the extra expense of an SSD do the benefits include an improved FPS speed during gaming? Check out the answer here..

What Are RAM Sticks? [The Simple Answer]

What role do RAM sticks play in a computer, and is there any difference between RAM sticks and modules? Here's an easy to understand breakdown.

Spilled Gatorade On Your Laptop? Use This Rescue Plan!

Apply these steps to help clean up a laptop that has experienced a Gatorade spill and save yourself from footing an expensive repair bill.

Why Does My Mouse Lag On A Second Monitor? [SOLVED]

Is your mouse suddenly lagging after you've hooked up a secondary monitor? Find out how to deal with that problem right here right now!

Rollerblade Office Chair Wheels That Are Smooooth! [RECOMMENDED]

Rollerblade casters are a perfect addition to your office chair if you wish to protect your carpet or hardwood from damage. Here's our three top picks.

Spilled milk on a laptop keyboard

Spilled Milk On Your Laptop? Act Quickly Using These Steps!

I spilled milk on my laptop! What should I do to save it? Here are some top tips on how to clean milk out of your laptop and save an...

Red and black set of RAM modules

Can I Mix RAM Sizes? (Do They Have To Match?)

Can you pair different sized RAM modules (i.e. 8GB + 16GB) on the same motherboard? Or do they have to match for everything to run smoothly? We investigate.

Blue computer motherboard

Do Laptops Have Motherboards?

Do laptops have motherboards? And if so, are they the same as a PC motherboard? Find out all you need to know here.

Dedicated GPU with two fans and a red background

Does Overclocking Reduce GPU Lifespan?

Does overclocking really reduce the lifespan of your GPU?`Is it worth overclocking your GPU?`Will it void your warranty? Find out.

Long Ethernet Cable vs WiFi Adapter: Which Is Best For Gaming?

Just how much of an advantage do you gain by gaming on a long ethernet cable vs a wifi adapter. When put both connections to the test here to find...

Buffering 5Ghz internet connection

Why Is My 5Ghz WiFi Slower Than 2.4Ghz? (EXPLAINED)

Is your 5GHz WiFi running slower than the 2.4Ghz band? Explore the most common reasons why this might be and how you can solve the problem.

Does 5Ghz WiFi Travel Through Walls? [Avoid These Materials]

Can 5GHz WiFi travel through walls and solid objects? Find out whether you should switch to 2.4GHz for a stronger connection.

Can A Computer Have Too Much RAM? [Answered]

Find out what happens when you install too much RAM in a computer and how much memory you actually need to have in your setup.

Is A 60Hz Monitor Fast Enough For Gaming?

Is a 60Hz monitor fast enough for gaming? Find out whether you should be looking to incorporate a monitor with a higher refresh rate into your setup.

Is It Okay To Run A Laptop Fan At Full Speed? {Fan Burnout?}

Is it detrimental for your laptop fan to remain at full speed for long periods of time? Troubleshoot the reasons why your fan is always on using these tips.

Is It Better To Have A Short Ethernet Cable?

Should you be looking to use as short an ethernet cable as possible in order to obtain the best internet connection? We explore and lay out the facts here.

Why Do Flickering Red Pixels Appear On My Monitor? (7 Red Snow Fixes)

What does it mean when all of a sudden your monitor starts displaying flickering red pixels? Identify and fix the problem using these tips.

Best Ergonomic Mouses For The Left Handed

To facilitate strain free work, left-handers should consider adopting an ergonomic mouse specifically designed for lefties. Here's a few to save you time.

How Important Is Dedicated Video RAM When Gaming?

How much of an impact does VRAM have on your gaming experience? What happens when your system has too little VRAM available? Click through for answers.

Are HDMI Cables Hot Swappable? (+ Is it Safe to Do?)

There is often a need to swap connection cables from one device to another. Can HDMI cables be hot swapped without causing damage to the cable or device? Find out...

Will Wireless Phone Chargers Damage Credit Cards? (ANSWERED)

If you keep your credit cards in a phone case and make use of a wireless charger - are your bank cards likely to be damaged over time? The answer...

Discrete GPU vs Dedicated GPU – What’s The Difference?

What is the difference, if any, between a discrete GPU and dedicated GPU? And how might they compare to CPUs when it comes to graphic capabilities?

Do Docking Stations Charge Laptops? (+ Peripheral Devices?)

Docking stations designed for laptops improve connectivity, but is the ability to charge the laptop whilst it is docked a common feature?

Plastic vs Aluminum Laptops: Which Body Is Better?

Generally speaking, aluminium body laptops are considered to be of a higher build quality as compared to their plastic body brethren. Find the truth here.

Gaming setup with stacked monitors and split keyboard

10 Best Dual Monitor Mounts For Desk Setups [2022 WINNERS]

If you’re looking to use two monitors at the same time, a dual monitor mount is what you need. Here we've sifted through the internet to bring you 10 of...

How Much Faster Is A SSD Than HDD? (Solid State vs Hard Disk)

The main selling point of a solid state drive is that it's faster than traditional hard disk drives. Find out exactly how much faster SSDs are vs HDDs here.

Why Won’t My Dell XPS 13 Turn On? [Flea Power Fix]

If your Dell XPS 13 isn't turning on you might have a problem caused by flea power. Learn how to rid this static energy from your machine using these steps.

How Much Does A WiFi Booster Increase Speed?

For an area of weak signal in your Wi-Fi network how much is the connection speed improved should you bring in a Wi-Fi booster? Find the answer here.

Can A Laptop Work Without A Battery? (Solved)

If a laptop battery has failed, will you need to order a replacement before the laptop is able to power up and operate once again. Find out here...

A Complete Triple Monitor Setup Guide (Illustrated With Setup Ideas)

From design, to product selection and build out. This triple monitor setup guide will give you ideas and advice to build your ideal work (or play) station.

6 Best Anti-Glare Monitors That Stop Annoying Reflections

Working from a glossy monitor can be frustrating. Here's our list of the best monitors with an anti-glare coating to prevent those annoying reflections.