Job Seeking Tips For Home Working

When you have a job that you really enjoy, but understand it could be even better with a few tweaks. Take the lead and instigate change. 

Does A Working Interview Mean I Got The Job?

If you get invited to attend a working interview what does that mean? Are you real close to getting the job? Or is this just another stage of the interview?

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Why Write A CV? Here’s 5 Persuasive Reasons

Why should you bother to write a C.V when most job openings recruit through online job applications alone? We've got 5 reasons why it's a good use of time.

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Interviewer calling candidates after an interview

Do You Tell The Unsuccessful Candidate First? [Hiring 101]

When interviews have concluded and you have established your preferred hire, who should you give the news to first, the successful or unsuccessful parties?

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Signing an NDA before a job interview

Is It Normal To Have To Sign An NDA For A Job Interview?

Do you have anything to be concerned about if an NDA is presented prior to a job interview? Or is this absolutely normal practice? We explore.

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An informal job interview in a cafe

Can You Decline An Exit Interview?

Is it mandatory that you attend an exit interview when you are leaving a job? Or can you pass on the interview without fear of any negative consequences?

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Colleagues discussing work over a coffee

How Long Does A Working Interview Last?

Many factors, including job type and skills, determine how long a working interview lasts. In this post we provide examples of how long yours might run for.

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Small portable office desk on wheels used during interview

Is It Normal To Have 3 Interviews For A Job?

Its becoming less and less common for professional jobs to be awarded after a single interview. So what is the new normal? 2, 3....4 interviews?

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Turning your career around by taking a job you previously declined

How To Reapply For A Job You Declined? (Tactful Tips)

To reapply for a job you’ve declined requires taking a few brave steps, starting with reaching out to the company who you initially passed up. Use these tips to help...

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Is It OK To Negotiate Salary After Accepting A Job?

How soon after accepting a new role is it acceptable to ask for a raise? Are there any circumstances where this might be a bad idea? Here are some tips.

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Woman with one black eye close up

Should You Still Go To A Job Interview If You Have A Black Eye?

Is it a good idea to proceed with an interview if you have a black eye? Or will its presence count against your efforts to be hired? Our thoughts are...

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Can You Wear Black Jeans To An Interview? {Explored}

If you buy something using the retail links in our articles, sometimes we earn a small affiliate commission. This does not impact the products we recommend. While the old adage...

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Can You Take Notes Into An Interview (And Should You??)

When, if ever, might it be good etiquette to take notes into an interview, and how can you avoid creating a bad impression? We summarise our findings here..

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Does Job Title Accuracy Matter For Background Checks? {Little White Lies}

When completing a job application or updating your resume - how liberal can you be when describing your past employment before it counts against you?

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This Is How To Impress Your New CEO In Less Than 1 Minute

Sometimes an elevator pitch is all the time you have to make a good impression on the new boss. Here's a few tips for how to impress your new CEO...

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Is It Better To Apply For Jobs Directly Or Through A Recruiter?

Does enlisting the help of a recruiter boost your chances when searching for a job, or is going it alone equally as advantageous? Here's the lowdown...

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Should I Wear Glasses To My Interview Even Though I Don’t Need Them?

Can adding glasses to your outfit make you look smarter and convince an interviewer that you're the one for the job? Here’s are our rather bizarre findings.

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Is It Ok To Admit You Are Nervous At An Interview?

Learn when you should (and definitely shouldn’t) admit that you are nervous during an interview, as well as how to overcome those nerves.

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Close-up Of A Person's Hand Stamping With Approved Stamp On Document At Desk

How To Get Great Job References (Step-By-Step Guide)

This step by step guide will show you how to get solid job references that are likely to impress even the most discerning prospective employer.

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Is It A Good Omen To Be Called For An Interview With The CEO?

Being called for an interview with the CEO can be intimidating, but should you be worried? Here’s what you need to know.

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Here’s How To Professionally End An Interview As The Interviewer

Ending an interview professionally helps you find the right candidate faster and more effectively. Here’s our guide to help interviewers stay organized.

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How to act when first entering an interview room

How Best To Act When First Entering An Interview Room

Interviewing 101: Here are some rules you should follow to make the strongest impression when first entering an interview room.

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High Angle View of Woman Writing in Notebook

How To Start A Freelance Writing Career (With Zero Experience)

Find out how you can start a successful freelance writing career. Get practical tips from an expert writer on how it all works and what's a waste of time.

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Resume template with a fountain pen

Revamp Your Boring Resume Using These Proven Tips [Stand Out From The Crowd!]

Dust down your resume and give it a makeover. Here's a few quick fixes to help your resume stand out.

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Job Listing Requirements Understood (A Simple Breakdown)

Think beyond the boundaries set by recruitment departments and job listing sites. You are more than a resume and you are almost certainly more qualified that you think!

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