6 Pomodoro Length Playlists For Working From Home (Productivity Playlists)

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A research paper produced by scientists from the University of Birmingham suggests that music can be used as an aide to improve productivity. 

And not just a little bit either it seems!

Music and noise can be so effective at boosting your working output that it can be measured as economic benefit to a company’s bottom line.

After a little research of our own, and curious to test whether productivity gains could be brought into your and our home office environments we prepared a few work from home playlists that will hopefully help you thrive through your working day.

Playlists have been composed to boost your productivity during different periods of the day, and tasks that are commonly encountered.

  1. Start the Day
  2. Deep Focus
  3. Creative Writing
  4. Post Lunch Pick Up
  5. Approaching Deadline
  6. End of Day

Just so there’s no surprises, these tracks and playlists are hosted on Spotify, which means to listen to them in whole you’ll be prompted to log into your Spotify account. The accounts are free to sign up for if you don’t have one. 

Each of the 6 playlists below have been deliberately curated to 25 minutes in length, and so from start to finish each can act as your timer for a traditional length pomodoro session

If you need to, simply go for the same playlist a second, or third time…

So go for it, select your productivity playlist, press play, and allow the music to elevate your focus.  

‘Start the Day’ productivity playlist

The pick me up needed to gently ease into your work tasks of the day. Press play whilst making your morning coffee and before logging into your e-mail. 

‘Deep Focus’ productivity playlist’

Use deep focus lo-fi music to shut out distractions of the outside world and boost concentration to another level.

‘Creative Writing’ productivity playlist

When you need a platform that allows your creative mind to reach far and free, these tracks will help by gently blocking distraction without being too intrusive themselves.

‘Post Lunch Pick Up’ productivity playlist

When you’re attention has been elsewhere over the lunch period, it’s essential that you get back in the groove as quickly as possible. Use this after lunch playlist to crush the afternoon. 

‘Approaching Deadline’ productivity playlist

Sometimes deadlines are helpful, other times they just create more stress. Block out the unhelpful noises and get into a flow state with these upbeat tracks. 

‘End of Day’ productivity playlist

The mind wanders when it is tired, so the end of the day is the period when the most productivity gains could be had. Finish strong to the rhythms of this set. 

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