The Laundry Room

The centre for organizing and cleaning your house, your laundry room often goes underappreciated. Not here! This one goes out to the room that solves the problem of dirty clothes, dirty floors and dirty dogs all in one. 

Hand washing clothes to save the environment

Is Hand Washing Clothes Better For The Environment?

How does handwashing clothes compare vs machine washing on environment impacts such as water use, energy use and chemical discharges?

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Condensation on the inside of laundry room windows

Why Does Your Laundry Room Get So Hot & Humid?

If your laundry room gets incredibly humid, the chances are your dryer vent is not exhausting properly. Here's how to remedy the situation.

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The water collection vessel of a dehumidifier

Is Water Collected In A Dehumidifier Distilled Water?

When moisture is drawn from the air and collected in a dehumidifier, does that make it distilled water? Or is it not quite that simple? The 101 is contained in...

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