Meet Our Team

Eden Indoors is the magic that happened when two plant-obsessed environmental professionals embraced their greatest passion (Indoor plants) and begun to shared it with the world.  That’s us: Chris Dosser and Debbie Leslie!

Where many online sources offer verbose explanations that require painstaking sifting for reliable facts, we’re expediting the information our readers need most by keeping it simple, concise, and accessible.

Additionally, we’ve diligently assembled a loyal team of extensively vetted, highly knowledgeable writers to make that happen.

Now, Eden Indoors is a fact-driven directory, infused with our passion and offered to the world to make growing indoor plants that much easier and more enjoyable.  


Chris Dosser Co-Founder oF Eden Indoors

Chris Dosser


Harbours a love for biophilic design and how we can all incorporate more of the natural world into our urban living environments. Propagates more houseplants than makes sense.

Debbie Leslie


Operating a small design business from a home studio for the past 5 years has prompted Debbie to explore all manner of plant powered productivity boosting practices and biohacks.

Lakeisha Ethans

Houseplant Guru

Mother to two humans and hundreds of plant babies. Lakeisha specialises in simplifying what you need to know to grow and care for all types of indoor plants.

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