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Hello! We’re Chris and Debbie, the co-founders of Eden Indoors.

We’re two plant-obsessed environmental professionals who have embraced their greatest passion (Indoor plants) and begun to shared it with the world. 

With the help of our wonderful in-house writing team, Eden Indoors hopes to provide simple, concise, and accessible information that aids you in growing your own lush urban jungle. 

Monstera Care Tips

Below are our best beginner friendly tips for growing the wonderful foliage of the Monstera genus. These plants are incredibly adaptable and are easy to grow so make an excellent first addition to a future indoor jungle. 

Why Are New Leaves On My Monstera Black? (Dead On Arrival?)

It's always concerning when a Monstera plant's new leaves are blackened and dying before they even unfurl. Why does it happen and what can you do about it?

Close up on leaf pattern on Monstera adansonii

Is It Possible To Graft Monstera? (Aroid Propagation)

Variegated Monstera plants are rare to come by naturally and cost heaps to buy fully grown. So is it possible to graft a low cost cutting onto a non-variegated plant...

Can You Grow Monstera Albo From Seed?

The Monstera Albo is highly prized, but growing one is notoriously difficult. Can you successfully propagate them from seeds, or is that just a myth?

Why Are My Monstera Aerial Roots Shriveling?

Should you be worried if the aerial roots on your Monstera starts shriveling up? Does this happen naturally or is it a sign of a poorly plant?

Is It OK To Put Monstera Aerial Roots In Water?

Will any harm (such as root rot) be caused by submerging Monstera aerial roots entirely in water? Our plant experts provide the answer here.

Can I Use Cactus Soil To Pot My Monstera?

Does Cacti soil have the same properties as Monstera soil? And can you use the same potting mixture across both plant families? The answer is here..

Easily Propagate Monstera Adansonii (Swiss Cheese Plant) With These Tips

There are two methods of propagating Monstera Adansonii - in soil and in water - and we're going to help run you through the process of each.

Why Are The Leaves Drooping Or Falling Off My Monstera Plant? {ANSWERED}

Are the leaves on your Monstera plant falling off? The chances are it's nothing serious but to get your plant back to health, you need to act now!

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Succulent Care Tips

Succulents are a joy to collect and far easier to grow indoors than you might think. 
Cute colors, aesthetically pleasing leaf arrangements and bursts of surprisingly vibrant flowers make these guys fan favorites. 

When Do Lithops Split? [Season + Timeline]

Lithops plants have to split to continue growing, but when does this split happen and what can you expect to occur when it does?

Why Are My Kalanchoe Leaves Turning Yellow? (4 Causes + Fixes)

It's never a good sign when a plant's leaves start to yellow. For hardy plants like the Kalanchoe, what could yellowing leaves mean?

Lithops growing new leaves

Why Is My Lithops Soft And Squishy?

Lithops plants are usually quite firm, as their nickname of "living stone" suggests. If they become squishy or soft, is that a sign that something's wrong?

How Should You Use Rooting Powder When Propagating Succulents?  

Do your succulent cuttings have trouble taking root? If so rooting powder can give you the results you need! But how do you use it?

Succulents painted with acrylic paint

How To Remove Paint From Painted Succulents? (Acrylic + Spray Paint)

Painted succulents offer aesthetic value, but paint is bad for plants. How can you get rid of paint quickly and efficiently without damaging the succulent?

10 Stunning Succulent Selling Etsy Shops | 2022 Review

Shopping for succulents on Etsy offers more choice, better prices and access to knowledgeable and passionate sellers. Here's our top 10 succulent shops.

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Spider Plant Care Tips

Care for a spider plant and you will soon be rewarded with many spiderettes. In fact, lthis plant is perhaps the easiest and most cost efficient way to establish an indoor jungle. 

When Do Spider Plants Have Spider Babies?

Discover when and why spider plants have spider babies and troubleshoot why your plant might not yet have produced offsets.

How To Plant Spider Plant Babies {A DIY Guide}

Our well looked after spider plant produces so many offsets that we had investigate the best ways to go about planting spider plant babies.

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