Desktop Accessories For Plant Lovers

Plants are known to promote a feeling of wellbeing and calmness in any environment, with research also proving they improve air quality and work performance (focus + concentration) too.

Inspired by these findings we developed a range of beautiful office accessories that accommodate houseplants whilst creating a clean and colourful look for your desktop setup.

Designed And Built In The UK

After conducting many hours of research into the benefits achieved by carefully planning a home office we were won over. Our desk setup needed to improve!

And so they did but only after we designed and built our very own range of unique desktop office accessories.

If you like being organised and uncluttered then we’re on the same page and these are for you.

Our items are all built to welcome nature into your workspace, as the benefits to wellbeing and business alike are very persuasive. 

Monitor stands and modular desktop shelves have been designed to improve your posture during long hours at work as well as provide the storage space required to keep your workspace clean and uncluttered.

Hi. We're Chris and Debbie

Through the kindness and generosity of others we managed to establish careers that focus heavily around working from home, and found this to be the remedy to many work related stressors. 

We’re not professional product designers but we are real home workers, and have been for many years. Through this we have learned that with a little forethought, working from your own home office can be extremely rewarding.

Here’s to your own home working successes!

Chris and Debbie

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