Welcome to Eden Indoors

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Hello friend! We’re Chris and Debbie, the co-founders of Eden Indoors.

Leveraging the expertise of our in-house writing team, Eden Indoors has expanded into a lively Home & Garden blog that explores and elevates the inner workings of the modern, work-from-home lifestyle. 

Our aim is to help you achieve more balance, structure, and improved flow throughout your abode and your life.

The science of growing houseplants is sometimes also an art. Help your chances of plants growing big and strong by choosing the right houseplant for you.

Taking time to invest in yourself and the way you work can result in surprising gains.

If you’re going to be working from home, you’ll be needing a place to do so. Just how this space is arranged and decorated can make all the difference.

Born out of frustration when one too many items in our own home offices started to play up, or we just couldn’t find the right helpful information on the interwebs.