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The science of growing houseplants is somewhat art. You can however greatly increase the chances of your plants growing strong and healthy by choosing the right houseplant for your environment. 

How Should You Use Rooting Powder When Propagating Succulents?  

Do your succulent cuttings have trouble taking root? If so rooting powder can give you the results you need! But how do you use it?

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5 Best Carnivorous Plants For Beginners

Carnivorous plants are cool and unique, but they're not always easy to care for. What are the best options for first-time plant owners?

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Do Boston Ferns Like Coffee Grounds?

Coffee grounds are commonly used by many plant-owners. But do Boston Ferns like them, or is coffee too risky to use for these fronds?

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A close of up a collection of red Nepenthes pitchers

Do Nepenthes Need Dormancy To Survive?

When growing Nepenthes as an indoor plant should you factor in a dormancy period to allow the plant to complete it's natural lifecycle?

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An adult Staghorn fern growing fern pups

How To Separate Staghorn Fern Pups From The Adult Plant?

Staghorn fern pups are a great way to easily propagate and grow new ferns. But how can you successfully separate them from a mature plant?

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Close up of pink and green foliage of Philodendron pink princess

Philodendron Pink Princess vs Pink Congo: What’s The Difference?

The Pink Princess and Pink Congo seem similar on the surface, but their differences are stark. How can you tell them apart?

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Boston fern with leafless tendrils

What Are The Leafless Tendrils On A Boston Fern?

Leafless tendrils that grow out from a Boston Fern can appear concerning. What are they and what should you do when you see them?

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Succulents painted with acrylic paint

How To Remove Paint From Painted Succulents? (Acrylic + Spray Paint)

Painted succulents offer aesthetic value, but paint is bad for plants. How can you get rid of paint quickly and efficiently without damaging the succulent?

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A collection of small houseplants on a windowsill

Do Indoor Plants Need Direct Sunlight?

There isn't a lot of sunlight access indoors. How can you ensure that your indoor plants get the sunlight that they need? Do they even need direct sunlight?

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The Best Humidifiers For Houseplants (Create A Jungle Atmosphere)

If you are a lover of tropical houseplants then adding one of these humidifiers in amongst your foliage could be the smartest move you make all year.

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A close up of a small Nepenthes pitcher

How Long Does It Take Nepenthes To Grow Pitchers?

Nepenthes plants or pitcher plants are renowned for their carnivorous pitchers. When can you expect these pitchers to finally grow?

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Why Are New Leaves On My Monstera Black? (Dead On Arrival?)

It's always concerning when a Monstera plant's new leaves are blackened and dying before they even unfurl. Why does it happen and what can you do about it?

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12 Tall Office Plants That Thrive In Low Light Conditions

Office environments aren't known for their access to natural light, which can make finding tall plants for such spaces difficult. Here's 12 tall plants that tolerate low light conditions.

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Close up on leaf pattern on Monstera adansonii

Is It Possible To Graft Monstera? (Aroid Propagation)

Variegated Monstera plants are rare to come by naturally and cost heaps to buy fully grown. So is it possible to graft a low cost cutting onto a non-variegated plant...

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The Benefits Of Indoor Plants In The Office {Natural Decor}

Primarily by connecting us to nature, many studies have revealed benefits attained by keeping indoor plants. How might these be applied to your home office?

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What To Do If Your ZZ Plant Has Exposed Root Bulbs?

An exposed root bulb above the soil of a ZZ plant is a concerning sight. Is it a dangerous sign of a rootbound plant, or is it harmless?

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A small cactus in a terracotta plant pot and dish

Do Terracotta Pots Need Drainage Holes?

Drainage holes are crucial in plant pots for preventing root rot. But what if you're using porous pots, such as those made from terracotta?

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7 Houseplants That Are Not Poisonous To Cats (With Images)

Learn why are some plants poisonous to cats, and which houseplants are harmless to bring into a home that is shared with feline friends?

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A white artists desk surrounded by houseplants

7 Best Plants For A Dark Office (With No Natural Light)

Most plants thrive best with direct sunlight, which can be inconvenient for darker indoor environments. What plants are best when there's no natural light?

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How To Clean Succulents With Farina?

Removing fragile farina from a plant leaves it open to damage, so how can you properly and safely clean your succulent?

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What Is A Spent Node? (How And When Do They Occur?)

When your plant cutting doesn't successfully propagate, is it just bad luck, or is a spent node to blame? Learn the answers in this brief post.

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Can You Grow Monstera Albo From Seed?

The Monstera Albo is highly prized, but growing one is notoriously difficult. Can you successfully propagate them from seeds, or is that just a myth?

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Why Are My Monstera Aerial Roots Shriveling?

Should you be worried if the aerial roots on your Monstera starts shriveling up? Does this happen naturally or is it a sign of a poorly plant?

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Is It OK To Put Monstera Aerial Roots In Water?

Will any harm (such as root rot) be caused by submerging Monstera aerial roots entirely in water? Our plant experts provide the answer here.

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How Long Does It Take For Systemic Insecticides To Work On Houseplants?

Once applied, how long do systemic insecticides take to provide protection for houseplants that are infested with pests? We investigate here.

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When Do Spider Plants Have Spider Babies?

Discover when and why spider plants have spider babies and troubleshoot why your plant might not yet have produced offsets.

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Do Flea Bombs Kill Houseplants? (Fatal Flea Fogger?)

Do you need to remove houseplants from a room that is to be smoked with a flea bomb? Or is the flea fogger harmless to plants? Experimental results here...

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How Can I Get Monstera Leaves To Split? (SOLVED)

What are the steps you can take to encourage your Monstera plant to develop larger and more dramatic fenestrations in its leaves? Click here for tips...

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Should I Cut The Babies Off My Spider Plant?

Will spider plant babies or the mother plant suffer if spiderettes remain attached for too long? Is there any benefit to cutting them off? Answers here.

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Are Spiders Good For Houseplants? {ANSWERED}

If you find a spider has taken up residence in your houseplants, should you grab the bug spray or leave it to be a natural pest controller? Click here for...

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Lighting candles with an extra long matchstick

Are Candles Harmful To Houseplants? (Heat, Soot & Scent)

By burning candles in close proximity to houseplants are you inadvertently causing harm to your indoor jungle? This post contains all the 'need to knows'.

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Are Orange Peels Good For Houseplants?

Adding organic matter to houseplant soil usually isn't a bad idea. But what about orange peel? Is this citrus rind too acidic to be good for houseplants?

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The Best Soil Mix For Philodendron Xanadu (Soil Recipe)

The perfect soil mix for Philodendron xanadu provides water retention, aeration and nutrition. We explore what ingredients provides these qualities best.

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Can I Use Cactus Soil To Pot My Monstera?

Does Cacti soil have the same properties as Monstera soil? And can you use the same potting mixture across both plant families? The answer is here..

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10 Anti-Pollution Plants That Clean Your Office Air

There are some wonderful plants you can grow indoors to clean and purify the air of everyday toxins and pollutants. Here's a few houseplants to choose from.

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Feng Shui Plant Ideas For A Wealthy Office {Lucky Plants Only!}

Luck comes in many forms, and there are indoor plants that deal with all different elements, from love, to money, and health.

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Do Indoor Plants Turn Harmful At Night? (CO2 Concentration Analyzed)

In the absence of light, plants are unable to produce oxygen yet continue to respire and release carbon dioxide. Does this make our houseplants harmful?

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How Do Indoor Plants Get Pollinated?

How do indoor plants get pollinated when they are often prevented from coming into contact with natural dispersal methods such as wind and pollinators?

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White home office desk set up with green house plants

The Best Plants To Keep On Your Office Desk (+ The Reasons Why!)

With the huge choice of indoor plants available for sale these days it's pretty easy to become quickly overwhelmed when searching for a desktop plant that's just right for your...

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Arrangement of hanging houseplants in black pots on a white wall mounted shelf unit

Plant A Healthy Home Office: Use The Benefits Of Houseplants To Boost Productivity!

From improved air-quality, to increased productivity at work, houseplants have the ability to improve our working days in multiple ways.

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DIY Project: A Pebble Tray That Makes Indoor Plants Thrive!

In terms of caring for your indoor plants, using a pebble tray is about as simple as it gets yet the method can be really effective at improving the health...

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Using a regular table lamp to grow plants

Is It Possible To Use A Regular Table Lamp to Grow Plants?

If you are living in an apartment that has little or not access to natural light does that mean you should just forget about trying to grow houseplants?

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An indoor plant grown in LECA

How Often Do You Water A Plant That Is Potted In Leca? (Quick LECA Watering Guide)

Not sure how often you should be watering your plants growing in Leca? This is a crash course in how you can know when to give your foliage friend a...

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Green wall, eco friendly vertical garden

Embrace Biophilic Design To Triumph At Home Working

Looking to create a more enjoyable place to work? Why not consider biophilic design to make all aspects of your daily grind easier.

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Sleek and stylish bark blue, grey and white home office set up in a studio flat

Top 10 Air Purifying Plants To Keep Your Home Office Fresh

Whilst almost all houseplants have the ability to purify the air to a certain extent, some plants are especially adept at removing chemicals found in our home and offices.

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Ways To Protect Your Desk From Being Damaged By Houseplants

A new desk. An old plant friend. How can they co-exist without water, soil or plant material making a total mess of your work surface? Check this out.

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5 Of The Worst Indoor Plants For Allergies (Stop Your Sneezing!)

From resipiratory irritation to physical damage to your skin. It pays to be mindful of allergic reactions that some innocent looking houseplants can cause.

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What Light Spectrum Is Best For Flowering Indoor Plants?

Light is crucial to help indoor plants grow and even go on to flower. Find out which spectrum of light you should provide your plants to see some blooms.

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Easily Propagate Monstera Adansonii (Swiss Cheese Plant) With These Tips

There are two methods of propagating Monstera Adansonii - in soil and in water - and we're going to help run you through the process of each.

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An Essential Guide To Misting Your Indoor Plants

We'll attempt to cover all the bases involved with misting your houseplants, particularly looking at why and how often you should plan to mist your foliage.

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4 Key Benefits Of Growing House Plants In Semi-Hydro Soil

Semi-hydro soil brings a lot of positives when used as a growing medium for houseplants. Here's some of the main reasons you should consider trying it out.

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Why Are The Leaves Drooping Or Falling Off My Monstera Plant? {ANSWERED}

Are the leaves on your Monstera plant falling off? The chances are it's nothing serious but to get your plant back to health, you need to act now!

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What Is LECA For Plants? (Never Heard Of LECA? Read On!)

Kiln fired clay pebbles such as LECA have properties which make them an ideal substrate for plant growers into hydroponics and hydroculture.

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Why Is My Air Plant Turning Red? {SOLVED}

A sudden change in the color of indoor plant leaves might be a cause for concern but should you worry when air plant leaves begin to turn a shade of...

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The Best LED Desk Lamps That Help Houseplants Grow Strong

These full spectrum desk lamps give your precious houseplants the correct type of light they need to grow healthy whilst fitting sleekly into your setup.

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How Long Can Air Plants Actually Go Without Water?

A common misconception is that air plants do not need to be watered as they absorb moisture from the air. This is simply a myth that we aim to dispell 

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10 Stunning Succulent Selling Etsy Shops | 2021 Review

Shopping for succulents on Etsy offers more choice, better prices and access to knowledgeable and passionate sellers. Here's our top 10 succulent shops.

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Variegated Monstera Cutting

9 Rare And Unusual House Plants For Sale On Etsy

This collection of stunning house plants are rarely found in garden centres or high street plant stores.

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