Houseplant Care Tips

Pest control, optimal nutrition and collectable rare plants are a few of the topics touched upon in our houseplant care knowledge directory.

Are Rubber Plants Toxic To Cats? [Latex Alert!]

Rubber plants are extremely popular houseplants, but do they have the potential to be harmful to our pet felines?

Can Houseplants Cause Sinus Problems?

Fruit flies can be hard to catch, as their small size makes them elusive to many common insect predators. What carnivorous plants can get the job done?

41 Funny Snake Plant Names

Why not give each plant in your houseplant collection their own unique name. Here are a list of funny names that you could give to your Snake plant.

7 Awesome Etsy Shops Selling Houseplants Online

Buying plants online however has inherent risks and so to prevent a #plantfail here's our pick of Etsy houseplant shops (including secret shopper reviews).

Cat in houseplant foliage

Are Calathea Houseplants Poisonous To Cats? {SOLVED}

We explore whether it safe to introduce Calathea into your home office should you work from home alongside your feline friend.

My Staghorn Fern Shield Frond Is Brown – Is This Normal?

Leaves and foliage turning brown is often a sign of danger for a plant....however not always! Case in point being the shield fronds of a Staghorn fern.

Do Christmas Cactus Flowers Change Colors?

One year, your Christmas cactus flowers are yellow, but the next, they've turned pink. Why does this happen and is it a cause for concern?

5 Best Carnivorous Plants For Beginners

Carnivorous plants are cool and unique, but they're not always easy to care for. What are the best options for first-time plant owners?

Close up of pink and green foliage of Philodendron pink princess

Philodendron Pink Princess vs Pink Congo: What’s The Difference?

The Pink Princess and Pink Congo seem similar on the surface, but their differences are stark. How can you tell them apart?

Boston fern with leafless tendrils

What Are The Leafless Tendrils On A Boston Fern?

Leafless tendrils that grow out from a Boston Fern can appear concerning. What are they and what should you do when you see them?

The Best Humidifiers For Houseplants (Create A Jungle Atmosphere)

If you are a lover of tropical houseplants then adding one of these humidifiers in amongst your foliage could be the smartest move you make all year.

Tall rubber plants decorating a bright modern home

The Benefits Of Indoor Plants In The Office {Natural Decor}

Primarily by connecting us to nature, many studies have revealed benefits attained by keeping indoor plants. How might these be applied to your home office?

What To Do If Your ZZ Plant Has Exposed Root Bulbs?

An exposed root bulb above the soil of a ZZ plant is a concerning sight. Is it a dangerous sign of a rootbound plant, or is it harmless?

A small cactus in a terracotta plant pot and dish

Do Terracotta Pots Need Drainage Holes?

Drainage holes are crucial in plant pots for preventing root rot. But what if you're using porous pots, such as those made from terracotta?

7 Houseplants That Are Not Poisonous To Cats (With Images)

Learn why are some plants poisonous to cats, and which houseplants are harmless to bring into a home that is shared with feline friends?

How Long Does It Take For Systemic Insecticides To Work On Houseplants?

Once applied, how long do systemic insecticides take to provide protection for houseplants that are infested with pests? We investigate here.

Are Spiders Good For Houseplants? {ANSWERED}

If you find a spider has taken up residence in your houseplants, should you grab the bug spray or leave it to be a natural pest controller? Click here for...

Lighting candles with an extra long matchstick

Are Candles Harmful To Houseplants? (Heat, Soot & Scent)

By burning candles in close proximity to houseplants are you inadvertently causing harm to your indoor jungle? This post contains all the 'need to knows'.

10 Anti-Pollution Plants That Clean Your Office Air

There are some wonderful plants you can grow indoors to clean and purify the air of everyday toxins and pollutants. Here's a few houseplants to choose from.

Feng Shui Plant Ideas For A Wealthy Office {Lucky Plants Only!}

Luck comes in many forms, and there are indoor plants that deal with all different elements, from love, to money, and health.

The Best Plants To Keep On Your Office Desk

With the huge choice of indoor plants available for sale these days it's pretty easy to become quickly overwhelmed when searching for a desktop plant that's just right for your...

Arrangement of hanging houseplants in black pots on a white wall mounted shelf unit

Do Houseplants Help Boost Productivity?

From improved air-quality, to increased productivity at work, houseplants have the ability to improve our working days in multiple ways.

What Is A Pebble Tray For Houseplants? (With Infographic)

In terms of caring for your indoor plants, using a pebble tray is about as simple as it gets yet the method can be really effective at improving the health...

Sleek and stylish bark blue, grey and white home office set up in a studio flat

Top 10 Air Purifying Plants To Keep Your Home Office Fresh

Whilst almost all houseplants have the ability to purify the air to a certain extent, some plants are especially adept at removing chemicals found in our home and offices.

5 Of The Worst Indoor Plants For Allergies (Stop Your Sneezing!)

From resipiratory irritation to physical damage to your skin. It pays to be mindful of allergic reactions that some innocent looking houseplants can cause.

Variegated Monstera Cutting

9 Rare And Unusual House Plants For Sale On Etsy

This collection of stunning house plants are rarely found in garden centres or high street plant stores.