Houseplant Care Tips

Pest control, optimal nutrition and collectable rare plants are a few of the topics touched upon in our houseplant care knowledge directory.

What Is A Thai Constellation Monstera: The Essentials

Monstera Siltepecana vs Epipremnum Pinnatum Cebu Blue: Key Differences Explained

How To Correct A Monstera That Is Growing Sideways

The Best Fertilizer for Monstera Plants: Effective Usage Tips

Pruning Your Monstera Plant: Tips for Growth and Disease Prevention

Winterizing Your Monstera: Protecting Your Plant from Cold Damage

A long haired cat that is sitting in amongst Rubber plant foliage

Are Rubber Plants Toxic To Cats? [Latex Alert!]

Sinus Suffering: Could Your Houseplants Be the Culprit?

41 Snake Plant Names So Funny, You’ll Struggle To Pick One

7 Awesome Etsy Shops Selling Houseplants Online

Cat in houseplant foliage

Are Calathea Houseplants Poisonous To Cats? {SOLVED}

My Staghorn Fern Shield Frond Is Brown – Is This Normal?

Close up of pink and green foliage of Philodendron pink princess

Philodendron Pink Princess vs Pink Congo: What’s The Difference?

Tall rubber plants decorating a bright modern home

The Benefits Of Indoor Plants In The Office {Natural Decor}

What To Do If Your ZZ Plant Has Exposed Root Bulbs?

A small cactus in a terracotta plant pot and dish

Drainage Holes in Terracotta Pots: Necessary or Not?

A cat hiding in amongst the foliage of a houseplant that is non-toxic to animals

7 Houseplants That Are Not Poisonous To Cats (With Images)

Are Spiders Good For Houseplants? {ANSWERED}

Lighting candles with an extra long matchstick

Are Candles Harmful To Houseplants? (Heat, Soot & Scent)

10 Anti-Pollution Plants That Clean Your Office Air

Feng Shui Plant Ideas For A Wealthy Office {Lucky Plants Only!}

The Best Plants To Keep On Your Office Desk

Arrangement of hanging houseplants in black pots on a white wall mounted shelf unit

Do Houseplants Help Boost Productivity?

What Is A Pebble Tray For Houseplants? (With Infographic)

Sleek and stylish bark blue, grey and white home office set up in a studio flat

Top 10 Air Purifying Plants To Keep Your Home Office Fresh

5 Of The Worst Indoor Plants For Allergies (Stop Your Sneezing!)

Variegated Monstera Cutting

9 Rare And Unusual House Plants For Sale On Etsy

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