What Is A Thai Constellation Monstera: The Essentials

What Is A Thai Constellation Monstera: The Essentials

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The Thai Constellation Monstera is a member of the Monstera family which stands out thanks to its eye-catching variegated leaves which are covered in a unique cream and green marbled pattern.

This rare and expensive plant variety arises from Monstera deliciosa and is created through tissue culture in a laboratory in Thailand. The marbled effect on its large, fenestrated leaves comes from a mutation caused by a lack of chlorophyll, which gives them an appearance that’s reminiscent of a starry night sky. 

Moreover, this indoor vine is a slower-growing plant than their solid-colored relatives, taking one to two years for full development, depending on light, water, and nutrient conditions.

How is Monstera thai constellation created?

Origin and habitat

Thai Constellation Monstera is a variegated variety of the Monstera deliciosa plant, which is native to the tropical regions of America.

The variegated pattern of this plant is produced from tissue culture in a plant lab in Thailand (hence the name). This method of propagation makes the plant rare and expensive.

Growth and appearance

As its name suggests, the Thai Constellation Monstera displays a stunning cream and green marbled pattern on its large leaves.

This variegation is caused by a lack of chlorophyll, and the cream-colored splatter on green leaves resembles a starry night sky, giving it the name “Constellation.” The fenestrated leaf structure is characteristic of the Monstera genus.

Being a part of the Monstera family, the Thai Constellation Monstera shares similarities with other popular varieties such as Monstera adansonii (the Swiss cheese plant) and Monstera siltepecana (the silver Monstera). It is considered a relatively easy plant to care for, making it a popular choice among houseplant enthusiasts.

In order to maintain its distinctive appearance, it is essential to provide the Thai Constellation Monstera with the necessary care and conditions to thrive. Some of the factors to consider include:

  • Light: These plants appreciate bright, indirect sunlight to maintain their variegation.
  • Water: Maintain a consistent watering schedule, allowing the soil to dry slightly between waterings.
  • Humidity: As a tropical plant, maintaining a high humidity level will contribute to your Thai Constellation Monstera’s health.
  • Fertilizer: Regular feeding with a balanced liquid fertilizer is recommended during the growing season.

By considering the unique characteristics and care requirements of the Thai Constellation Monstera, we can better understand and appreciate its captivating beauty and presence in the world of indoor and outdoor gardening.

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