9 Awesome Etsy Shops Selling Houseplants Online

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We’re passionate about plants, both of the indoor and outdoor varieties and have planned many of our recent holidays around visiting Royal Horticultural Society shows and arboretums spread across the country.

The garden and greenhouse are our go to places when the Scottish weather is safe enough to step outdoors.

Buying plants online however has inherent risks. You can’t see or touch the plant you’re going to receive like you would in a traditional garden centre. Nor can you have much control over how the plant will be packaged to prevent damage during transit, or how the impact of the journey will affect the plant.

To support small businesses we tend to buy most of our house plants on Etsy, and thought it would be useful to share some of the best Etsy houseplant shops that we’ve found during our shopping trips.

Factors that make a special Etsy houseplant store include:

  • A demonstrated knowledge of houseplants
  • A varied plant selection
  • Plants organised into helpfully named categories
  • Proven good customer service
  • Experience on the Etsy platform

We’ve tried to spread the geographic range of shops on this list in the knowledge that the less time plants spend tucked away in a stuffy, dark, sealed box the better condition they’ll be when arriving on your doorstep.

To be sure that our recommendations held up we also ordered a few new plants for ourselves.

This guide offers some recommendations on the best Etsy plant shops. If you want to learn about the rarest and most unusual houseplants sold on Etsy check out our full guide here

Why this Etsy store gets a thumbs up

  • Stupid Egg have a wide selection of plants (76 at last time of checking) for small spaces, large pots, hanging and trailing varieties, succulents and even exotic pineapple plants!
  • Helpful hints and tips point towards the best placement and care for each plant so you’re sure to find one suitable for your home.

Why this Etsy store gets a thumbs up

  • What struck us most about Donna at Pretty Cactus is that she is doing everything right in terms of plant health. Pretty Cactus is registered under the SRSF Plant Health regulation and they hold an up to date plant passport too. This is of huge importance right now as there is more and more strain on companies to do their bit in the protection of domestic horticulture and the prevention of harmful plant pests and diseases spreading during shipping. This, along with her friendly manner and lovely shop gave us the confidence to buy from her and support her flourishing business.
  • Being in operation since 2018, Pretty Cactus has amounted an impressive number of Etsy sales, over 13,000 in all, which clearly shows Donna and her team are doing something right. Definitely a strong candidate for the best houseplant store on Etsy UK. 
  • To fill the Elho pots on one of our monitor stands we ordered peace lilies and ficus benghalensis from Pretty Cactus and were extremely happy with the condition of the plants when they arrived. Great value for money too.

The Plant Chica

Why this Etsy store gets a thumbs up

  • This is a gorgeous family run plant shop selling beautifully grown houseplants. Not only is their customer service great, but so is their Instagram! They share great tips and fun plant facts on there along with information on their plant donation days and adopt a plant events!

Find Us In The Forest

Why this Etsy store gets a thumbs up

  • A stunning shop selling a wide variety of houseplants. I love how well arranged this store is with each type of plant in its own category, it makes it super easy to find what you are looking for.
  • Another bonus is the incredibly beautiful Moss Wall Art frames that they have for sale! I’ll definitely be planning a space on the office wall for one of these.

Earth & Air Displays

Why this Etsy store gets a thumbs up

  • With focus on air plants and terrariums, Steph at Earth & Air Displays sells all the necessary supplies and accessories needed to create beautiful living displays for your home. The house plants and cacti she sells would look great on their own in pots or as part of a large or small terrarium display.

  • Items can also be made into extra special gifts too with the addition of personalised wooden tags that are also available through her shop. The tags make gifts suitable for special occasions such as anniversaries, weddings, new home, new babies, birthdays and even teacher gifts.

  • If you live in the UK delivery is currently free.

Dabri Plants

Why this Etsy store gets a thumbs up

  • A small shop specialising in unique and beautiful succulents.

  • You can buy full plants or propagation leaf packs to help you get started in growing your own succulent collection.

  • This shop has great reviews and it’s so nice to see the passion come through from the shop owner Sabrina in her lovely shop story. All her plants are great value too!

Why this Etsy store gets a thumbs up

  • The most experienced store on our list, Land of Alice has been offering a selection of plants for varying budgets since 2012.

  • A small shop with big reviews selling decorative house plants and planters. I love the way that the plants are arranged into useful categories like “Pet Safe”, “Trailing” and “Low Light Plants”. This acts like an instant directory for you to find the perfect plant for your home and needs.

Why this Etsy store gets a thumbs up

  • Rebel Plants is a brand new store, opened in 2020. It not only sells a nice range of large and small houseplants and accessories, but it’s beautifully arranged and clear categories which makes it easy to shop. I love the rose gold watering can and the funky glass propagation stations that they sell too. They would make brilliant and unusual gifts for plant lovers.

  • Free UK delivery on selected items

Why this Etsy store gets a thumbs up

  • A seller of fantastically unusual succulents, sedums and some flowering bulbs. They offer single plants or plant sets which are great for making your own mixed planter, terrarium or potted rockery. Some plants are shipped out bare root (check item description) so have your pots and soil ready for them arriving. This store also offers shipping upgrades so you can save your plants extra travel time.

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